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Bhule Jeo Bhule Jeo. Dhono Dhanno Pushpe Vora. Mukh theke Or Ber Howa. Aaj Jochna Raate Shobai.

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Naach Moyuri Naach Re. Dial and follow the instruction USSD: Ke Akey Onno Chobi. Dhono Dhanno Pushpe Vora.

Aaj Jochna Raate Shobai. Je Chilo Drishtir Simanay If you want to let other people know your name and feel special, then Name tune feature is for you.

Charta Deyal Hatath Kheyal. Ei Duniya Ekhon To Aar. Keu Shukhi Goongooon Dukhi. Gohon Kushum Kunja Majhe. Chena Poth Chena Shohor.

Ami Purob Desher Puro Nari. Prem Piriti Lare Lappa.

Poth Hara Tumi Pothik. Tumi Acho Tai New Mix. Ek Shagor Rokter Binimoye. Tomar Ektu Choa Ektu Ador. Shoni Gelo Robi Gelo.

Top English Gun Gun List. Baje Mridongo Boroshar Oi. Tobi Jey Kotha Chilo. Jodi Baron Koro Tobe.

Adhar Ghera Shopno Amar. Classroom E Boshe Shekha. If customers visit the web using Robi data connection then they can directly buy contents if using other data connection then validation will be done through OTP.

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In case of low balance the product cannot be activated. Naiba Pelam Amar Golay. E Pothey Jokhoni Jaabe. Ami Elem Tari Dare. Tumi Ekbar Kotha Dao. Tumi Acho Tai New Mix 2. After successful expiration of 30 days validity all active user will respectively auto renew as per below table no 1.

Majh Raate Chand Jodi. Ami Jodi Chole Jai.

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