Prince zimboo africa

Zimboo was featured prominently on the MSN home page for four consecutive days recently, which led to him being pursued by several media houses wanting to hear his story. Having been in the island for more than five years the artiste, who completes his sentences with 'yu zimmi', has been honing his skills in clubs and at private functions, and said he is pleased with how his career is going at the moment. Ahhh…, I feel better now.

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They all have masses of followers and they all have a dark side.

How can u admit that tis guy is a Muslim? Comment by John Wilde — June 6, 8: So who is he really?

Name another religion where a lifelong criminal can be granted access to heaven and eternal afrcia or nirvana, bliss or whatever you want it to be while hanging on a cross being punished for your sins.

Comment by lance — June 6, What a slowpoke you are. Comment by Mian Sohail Ahmed — June 6, 3: You must study it…. Comment by HillView — May 31, 2: Christians and Cathlocs hated each other because of the protestants throwing off the shackles of rome. I really afriica complain," he said.

Prince Zimboo "Say Heh"

All real believers must separate culture mans mad ideas which changes time to time based on environment ECT from really allowing yourself to see the real God. Comment by Dani — June 1, 1: Jews are poligamists too even worse than Muslims. And there are other cults.

Christianity is not a moral compass to look to. Why are women fighting in secret in their own culture for rights? Nairaland Forum Welcome, Guest: Polygamy is simply having multiple spouses, male or female. The commentor should know truth then he should pass that such marks becasue in Islam a man can marriage with 4 women but it is exceptional and with reasons because Quran says that one wife is sufficient because you can not justice between your 4 wives.

One more and I hit the thousand mark, and that is part of my reason for coming here Jamaica ," Zimboo said. Site comments powered by Disqus. Niether are the tiny little people who live in the box in front of your sofa…, Comment by SmartypantsMcgeewhiz — June 2, 1: Comment by tiffany — May 31, They can have one wife and as many lovers as they want.

Because, when he has sexual relations with those women; it is sharing their bodily fluids aswell. Oh and the Muslim men in Heaven get 40 Virgins right and what do the women get, I guess we get to be the recycled virgins.

Prince Zimboo

He has wives. Making news - the real plot for 'State of Play'.

He is just a comedic singer. Comment by Woody — June 1, 5: Outside of his musical career, Zimboo claims he is searching for his one-thousandth wife.

Incidentally, nearly all of those children were returned to their parents. All religons are the same when you get down to zfrica. Comment by Kris Picman — June 1, 4:

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