It holds so much beauty in the same breath as it does rawness and passion. Basement ends the album by emphasizing once again that they're timeless in their own contemporary sound, with a fitting and riveting finale, "Wish. Colourmeinkindness Studio album by Basement.

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After that Guzim and her family were subjected to three years of nightmarish house arrest, where they were daily terrorized by Saddam's thugs, and Guzim was beaten and tortured. How would you characterize Mayada? She had first-hand contact with Saddam and his low-class, incredibly cruel and greedy wife, Sajida, not to mention Chemical Ali and other characters whose names we may have heard only in passing. Now, through Jean Sasson, Mayada is finally able to tell her story--and theirs--to the world. Mayada differed from these women in that she came from a well known and respected family and therefore didn't endure as much torture.