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Narayana under the Sri Durga Arts banner, directed by Dasharath. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Viswanath enraged, resists and asks her to marry the guy he has chosen for her, causing Padhu to elope marry Karthik. Bhanu along with Pawan visits Karthik. Bhanu loves Karthik, but Karthik hesitates to repeat the history by marrying a girl against the wishes of her family.

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But at the same time, there is Pawan Prabhu Deva - a childhood friend of Bhanu - who is deeply in love with her. The Beginning Pelli Choopulu Nuvvu Leka Nenu Lenu Rama Chandraiah has a very big joint family. Padhu unfortunately dies in an accident. The film stars Nagarjuna Akkineni and Shriya Saran making her second release in Telugu after Ishtam in lead with Gracy Singh making her debut in the Telugu cinema industry after her lead role in the Hindi film Lagaanwhile Prabhu Deva makes his comeback to Telugu cinema after a long gap in an extended cameo appearance.

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The film has a tolisairga ending with Karthik and Bhanu marrying. She meets Karthik, a widower now. Karthik Nagarjuna Akkineni is a rich architect in Ooty. Happiness is a Telugu romantic comedy film produced by Dr. Films directed by K. The movie was well received by critics and successful at the box office.

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All songs are blockbusters. Filmfare Best Film Award Telugu Padmavathi has a younger cousin named Bhanu Shriya. The film was recorded as a Super Hit at the box office.

When Padhu reveals her love, her father Rama Chandraiah K. Bhanu encourages their love and gives courage to Padhu's feelings. Bhanu along with Pawan visits Karthik. When Karthik visits Rama Chandraiah's place he gets mixed responses from different rinftone in the house.

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He falls in love with Padmavathi "Padhu" Gracy Singh. Viswanath enraged, resists and asks her to marry the guy he has chosen for her, causing Padhu to elope marry Karthik.

Bhanu has fallen in love with Karthik. Retrieved from " https: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. She still has feelings for him.

Views Read Edit View history. Karthik returns to New Zealand. Over a period of time, Karthik impresses them all and when he was about to go back to New Zealand, Rama Chandraiah expresses his repentance for whatever happened and says that he is accepting Karthik as his son-in-law.

Also, Pawan comes and pleads Karthik to marry Bhanu as he can tell that Bhanu is not happy about the marriage. Filmfare Award for Best Telugu Film. Perfect Greeku Veerudu Shourya A few of the family members opine that inviting Karthik and his kid for a marriage to happen at their place would give an opportunity to get a closer look at Lucky.

Padmavathi is eingtone eager to get back to her parents and get their blessings. During that period, Bhanu gets closer to Karthik.

For other uses, see Santosham. The music was composed by R.

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