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The Discovery Viewer allows users to view SketchUp. ArchVision supplies a fully functioning demonstration version of the RPC plug-in with sample content for customers to familiarize themselves with the RPC technology and its content. You can view the Getting Started document here: Support for RPCs by other rendering engines are also in the works. Why is ArchVision Viewport grayed out?

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Due to the nature of the software and its security, once authorized we cannot de-activate it. If the RPC Plug-in is pointing to an address that is not RPC was not designed to work with modifiers.

Where can I get an ArchVision Dashboard? Because RPC uses 2D image data instead of geometry to represent an object it is not possible to select parts of the mesh and color. Locate any ArchVision Dashboard key prior to the current version and delete it. Website Questions What is the sales tax on orders? Also try disabling and Internet Security Software which may be preventing the Dashboard from connecting to necessary web resources.

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Why do my RPCs not appear to be standing on the floor when I place them close to a wall in my scene? The distance in inches that the object needs to travel archvlsion each loop of motion.

Make sure that the pixel lock is set to a mode that will accommodate RPCs being added to the scene. Depending on your application, you may not require a separate RPC Plug-in.

Learn how to remove ArchVision Discovery Viewer from your computer. Initially an activation code will need to be entered so that one user on the network has the license, but then after one user has the license all other users on the network siscovery ArchVision Dashboard installed should automatically find the license.

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The Discovery Viewer provides users with the ability to publish and view native 3d SketchUp models. Yes, the ArchVision Dashboard is unlocked by logging in with your www. Please see complete instructions for getting started with RPC in your applications here: Update Apr - Version 1. Please purchase one here: Also make sure that paths are configured through the ArchVision Dashboard only.

Make sure that log-in sessions are allowed. This occurs when force 2-sided is turned on in the rendering options. Interactive question and answer session with every webinar. They are intended for creating still renderings.

However, if you were logged on at a different computer the license will be removed from this machine soon after the license is accessed from the second computer. How do I activate my license?

Archvision discovery viewer download

Although, of course, viewr Google nor SketchUp would base an application on ActiveX Control, Stevens said that ArchVision's target audience is not necessarily for the people using SketchUp, but for those who want to take the models that were created in SketchUp and extend them to others outside architectural firms using Power Point and other Microsoft applications for presentations. Floating licenses are intended to be shared in a network environment. When configuring Firewalls and Internet Security Products, modifications may be required to allow the ArchVision Dashboard to communicate with necessary Network and Internet resources.

The RPC approach results in faster rendering time and in a marked improvement in finished image quality over traditional geometry-based solutions. Announcements Nemetschek North Archvission announced the availability of two new telephone numbers for its Spanish-speaking VectorWorks customers and prospects to call. Today announced the availability of its newest publishing tool, the ArchVision Discovery Viewer.

For more information, call ArchVision at or visit us on the web at www. Andrea Casotto, Chief Scientist Altair.

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