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We couldn't wait to check out UA's version. Next, start dialing in the Saturation and feel what it does to the sound. Wake the funk up and cop this… Read More.

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Tips & Tricks — SPL TwinTube Processor Plug-In | Universal Audio

The double tube emulation does wonders for weak or thin sounds. TwinTube combines two essential tube effects in a single processor: Be the first to review this item. Make sure to check your gain from time to time.

I wouldn't make this my first UAD purchase, but would definitely look at it if you already have a few great eqs and tone shaping plugs. Fisher Anjunabeats, Armada, Enhanced Music.

To me it was very twinhube if not indistinguishable to a multiple tube unit. Final mix Click to expand. With vocals, find that spot where the voice starts to sound warm, full, present, and has that feel of slight tube compression.

Pros Instantly likeable saturation twijtube. Presence is emphasized and the instrument cuts through a mix much better without raising levels too much. You'll find you'll get what you want within seconds. This is my favorite saturator for Synth and many other Instruments. The Saturation control is a different beast, however.

Tips & Tricks — SPL TwinTube Processor Plug-In

The saturation control can be compared to the effects ttwintube tape saturation, adding warmth and providing density to virtually any kind of sound source. Urban November 30, Importantly, it can generate as well as boost frequencies and of the many enhancer plug-ins we've tried, it's by far the most convincing.

The TTP not only does it perfectly, but it has the range of barely-there-subtle to outright overdriven.

Or on limp… Read More. The saturation effect is instantly likeable, primarily because it doesn't sound like a dodgy overdrive.

Renius June 1, I recommend using TwinTube as one of the first plug-ins in your signal chain as it has a great influence on the dynamics of the track. It actually gave us goose bumps.

SPL Twin Tube Processor review | MusicRadar

Throw it on your shells or drum buss to help smooth out those peaky transients. Wake the funk up and cop this… Read More. Subtle roughness and pushes the edges if you want so. Kervinen December 23, Orhan November 30, So how does it sound?

Think about the frequencies you wish to enhance and then turn the Harmonics knob up until you like the sound.

A few ago, we had a chance to hear the hardware version spk character and life to a vocal take. Professional mix engineers have long employed the SPL TwinTube hardware for its ability to make vocals and instruments pop, emphasizing select harmonics to add presence and dimension without impacting dynamic range.

Easily add warm tube saturation, harmonics, and presence to your sources.

Easily beef up soft synths while adding air and imaging. This quality creates a dynamic vocal that is easy to fit in the mix.

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