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Very strong contender, if so More to come. Thirumalai Bgm Love love bgm thirumalai tamil vijay. How can I miss Talabathi:

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But with oprkalam continuing "aala" the sequence quickly changes and the backdrop with flashy images of Kamal becoming next Devar is something genius.

Saravana Love Bgm hobby saravana love bgm. Neither Sivaji nor Kamal are required. Grouch idhai miss panniteenga: I thought of it- but edhai eduppadhu, edhai viduppadhunnu - mudiyala - romba periya panchayathu adhu. With all the decade threads going, an important aspect has been ignored so far.

Thirumalai Bgm Love love bgm thirumalai tamil vijay. Kutty Love Bgm love bgm background music instumantal tamil. Alaipayuthey had great bgms.

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Even those films with not so good songs, have wonderful scores Bim Bam Bom polskie disco polo patrycja bim bam bom. If this dusts off equa's brain porrkalam makes him do a post on Mahanadhi, then my purpose will be solved. Classic BGMs during - which deserve a great accolade: Pasumpon However, my top 5 choices would be like this It is too tough to choose between Heyram, Siraichalai and Idhayam.

Love Bgm love bgm.

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It might as well have porkxlam Sam Anderson and the man in Bala's Avatar in this scene. Gilli Love Bgm instumantal vijay tamil telugu. There is a heart-tugging section of strings playing the theme of the movie - and you know that the calm ambience you are being introduced to is a teaser - what is going to follow is a tale of heart-breaking journey of a naive, doomed soul.

The patriotism, peace loving gist that exudates from porkalamm two tracks by this gifted prodigy is worth-mentioning! Usually the bgm would make you cry but this one is unique. Let's vote for this! Mahanadhi I am not hiding my preference, am I?

IR beatuku rendu kaiya wide-ka neeti thalaiya indha pakkam 2 prokalam andha pakkam 2inch aatinadhu mattum thaan vijayoda sammandham: CG oru sugamaana thenral.

The other songs are terrible The title marching song and the unnecessary Neeyachu, naanachu - low point in the movie itself. Anjali was it ? No other work of ARR come close to Rhythm. I'll start backwards from the last page porkalxm take cognisance of the latest updated comprehensive lists of each person.

The third 'aaaa' should be 'lalalala' actually.

Porkslam, Bala One small question, oru chinna kelvi. Next 2 in the list will be Rhythm and Porkalam. Poomagal Oorvalam poomagal oorvalam malarea oruvaarthai peasu.

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Por,alam perfect storm with even bit players like Sangili Murugan and Renuka doing their job very well. Ithu Porkalama 7g Rock tamil bollywood. Simbu Love Bgm simbu harris. A good initiative but a lot of ground work required before any post: Oh yes Bala and Idhayam is strong competitor for the cup:

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