Customization is also important to me and Icanotes fit the bill. It is built on an old coding platform and needs to be modernized, it could be the best in the industry, it does a lot of basic things right.. Great medical charting software Medical charting Pros Lots of templates and easy to click through to get notes done, with the items you need to bill insurance. If you subscribe to clearinghouse for billing this is not an issue. Lots of templates and easy to click through to get notes done, with the items you need to bill insurance.

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When it works, it's neat and orderly, simple to use. I have been using this EMR icqnotes about a year and overall I am pleased. Very Basic Programcould be great but needs to be updated.

ICANotes has nearly every feature for full clinical practice management outside of specific accounting capabilities and a time-clock - everything else happens in ICA. I wholeheartedly give this a 5 star rating!! I wish it was cianotes more flexible where you could add fields or have a form uploaded and then be usable in the system. Lots of templates and easy to click through to get notes done, with the items you need to bill insurance.

Plus, there is no paperwork to worrry about losing.

I asked for that with this product but was denied, I should have recognized that as a red flag. Easy access to live customer support via phone or internal email. Michael from Michael Fisher, M.

ICANotes EMR Software

The medication areas are user-friendly and contain a broad icanoyes of medications to choose from. It is easy to navigate and works better than the other program I use! They are a company with many years of experience, I have been using their product since and it has only improved over the years. It's easy to use.

I spend so much time trying to re-log in. I could not recommend this software system enough.

Learn to work around the limitations and you'll probably like the product. Promises made were not kept. It definitely helps me train clinicians that I hire and bring into our icanotrs.

ICANotes Software - Reviews, Pricing & Demo

It is very easy to enter a new client, get a Client ID. Yesget a free trial. John from John S. We really appreciate the review and we're looking forward to serving icanotees in the future. Staff is always friendly. I had researched numerous EHR's and found this one to be most affordable and customizable.

First day I used it, I was able to keep up with notes throughout day. Try the free trial and see for yourself!! No issues thus far with 3rd party add one, Dr. Technical support are friendly even when my needs are not being met. I had not pursued till now because I expected the learning curve to be steep and long.

Gustavo from Centro Holistico de Salud Mental. The customer service has been exceptional and courteous. Saturday afternoon is the really the only time ICAN works. ICAnotes is a great service.

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