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It today unveiled an official music video? The song will be aired 20 times per day on each of the five channels. How has that consumption of music changed over the years?

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In all these reality shows, they are only playing the hit songs or the popular numbers gone by. The tastes of the audiences are changing constantly with no brand loyalty, so engagement of consumers is going to be difficult in coming times. For the UK, we have a separate feed running from London and the music served is of the golden era of the s to Music India is well distributed and is number riingtone so we might come with medi strategy and a different product with itself in the near future.

9XM gets its viewers 'Tung Tucking Ting'; Launches videos on World Music Day

We support the upcoming movies and ensure that people consume this music. Music channels are suffering because of the way they are positioned and the way they are sold. Television viewing patterns generally start with a music channel and end with a music channel.

How much per cent does ringtone contribute to the revenue of total revenue of your channel? Skip to main content. But whatever changes we make, we would like to stick to our core ingredient, the music and many fun-filled shows are lined up.

It has been more than a year now and we would finalise things soon. The gap between the top four and bottom four is increasing and this has to be looked into.

What Music India did, worked with a smaller rigntone up and 9XM has pumped in more money to try different models with the same formula and today they top the music channels. Television 9x a medium is under sold if compared to print because the television industry has set a lower benchmark for itself by the earlier players. We might come up with some niche segments and divert rringtone music channel.

Testing the viral effect of the digital platform, we chose to launch the audio on Youtube and let the magic begin. We are planning to launch 14 new shows on Sangeet Bangla now and moving towards becoming a General Entertainment Channel and not sticking to music.

9X Media - Wikipedia

Mass media bombardment of music in the satellite space and availability of music on the digital space is driven by mass consumption of music on your minds by music channels.

How has that consumption of music changed over the years? As I said earlier, the digital space consumption is driven by television music channels and in no way is this popularity going to affect us. The new music channel 9XM is doing well but the format of the channel seems more or less like Music India? When it comes to playing music, we have no forehand vision that it would be a flop or click with the audiences.

Does distribution still pose a problem for music channels?

I guess this might be the first Bhojpuri music channel as no rinftone has made any conscious effort for Bhojpuri music before. Is a music channel a profitable business today?

9xm Ringtones - Free by ZEDGE™

Media World wide is a small broadcast company with few channels! This benchmark is a hindrance for all the new players as the operational cost or the survival cost is going up. You are among the few music channels who play meida film music apart from Bollywood?

We give equal weightage to every film and if the song fails to click, we hammer it a bit more to place it among the audience. Also with these mobile gadgets, there is a novelty factor attached to it but television channels occupy an important place. The content and format is different from the content of music India here. Distribution is a problem for ringtoe broadcaster as the cost of distribution is going up by three to four times every year which is not acceptable.


9X Media seeks to embed itself as India’s music network

It has done so in style. The scene seems to be powered due to the availability of Ringtonw space with players like Airtel, Reliance planning to venture into it. We are the ones who popularise these songs and play the upcoming music on our channel.

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