Can love happen twice novel by ravinder singh

You feel that the girl in Ravin's life is a pampered mama-papa's girl and Ravin a guy who will die before he hurts or looses her. But, there is a big twist in his life that breaks him down again. Why did I read the sequel to a book I hated? Bt whn she starts to refuse to marry him giving out primary reason lyk wanna live only with u and not with ur family a tinge of astonishment run down by spine since the same events are happening to me after getting married for me now.

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Feb 05, Imran rated it really liked it. To view it, click here. And then zipping it till, are you ready for this, his NECK!! Such third party cookies may track your use on Boldsky sites for better rendering. But one thing can be ravinedr through this edition that love happens only once when it's the kind of the one Ravin did with Khushi.

Do you really need a rehabilitation if you are going through a break up. lovee

How Ravinder the character started feeling for her, protective about rainder, like she is a baby to be taken care of. Aug 15, Rachita Gupta rated it did bappen like it Shelves: Ravinder Singh is in need of a thesaurus, a dictionary, and all the Wren and Martin grammar books in the world.

And I would say that Ravinder Singh is a good writer but his first novel was far far better than its sequel. A for this one, unfortunately, I did not find it as good as its predecessor, I too had a Love Story. The book had nothing new in it.

While in the first book, the sou When I finished reading "I too had twwice love story", the prequel to this novel, I felt so touched I cried for a week! Books by Ravinder Singh. The book tries to address the common problems in a relationship these days.

Can Love Happen Twice? by Ravinder Singh

No thanks, I'm better off solving my lifestyle issues myself. Ravinder Singh is a software engineer who works with a prominent IT company in India.

Dec 27, Shruthi rated it did not like it Shelves: The much awaited sequel is a let down for me, as the spark of true love which captured the hearts of ssingh in the author's very first book is missing in this one.

Some people do learn, you know? To ask other readers questions about Can Love Happen Twice? Does cupid strike just once, or can people fall in love all over again when they meet someone new? If Simar had a change in heart in coming back to Ravin, it had to be written in a much more convincing way.

We cannot say whether the story is true or not. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Rightfully earns a place in my Run Away Quickly shelf. But,I am sorry to say that I am thoroughly disappointed with this new venture of his which merely seems to be an attempt to encash from the past success.

The story is linear and basic, very predictable. When I started reading this book, it sounded boring to me as typical it was like other love stories.

That's what makes this book touch ones heart and special This book brings to my mind the saying "It's not that we don't value what we have in life, until it is lost. The book was a bestseller and nobel love of his readers forced him to write another book and answer two questions, "What happened to Ravin after the sad demise of his love, Khushi?


Can Love Happen Twice?

He starts feeling happy after re-entering the world of romance. I found the soul missing in the book. No need to get such a big head about it. You can read this book if you are curious to know that what happens to Ravin after the death gy her true love.

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