Loaded lux beloved mixtape

Big Homie October 29, 7: Leave it up to Lux to teach you wannabe rappers a thing or two. He definitely has his hands on the game.

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It ultimately comes down to who has the best behavior, but you know whose it going to be. Grafh - Zip Em Up Feat.

Hopefully, we won't have to ooaded it back due to mixing. Dot December 12, 9: You have people waiting on the track "Seasons" from the project.

The Harlem native has destroyed countless rappers in the ring with his grown man bars and witty wordplay, but he's also known to body tracks when it comes to his own studio projects. Well we jammin', I losded him a few joints.

[Watch] Loaded Lux Recruits Dave East For "My Whole Life" | The Source

What mainstream rapper would you like to square off with? How do you feel about the evolution of the art? I love the fact [that] people got to know us personally and how we build outside of the battle rap scene, and that we're real people. It walks you through battle rap from A to Z. True love is hard to come by. With his upcoming LP, Loaded looks to show the world his growth as an artist and continue to prove people wrong about battle rappers not knowing how to make songs.

Eminem, because he comes from the battle rap scene, so if he has a little rust it ain't gonna take him long to get into battle rap form. But I just love the bridging of the gap, because people can see how much we inspire one another in culture.

Mixtape Download: Loaded Lux – “Beloved 2”

We're definitely anticipating the next move. You recently posted Instagram pics with Wiz Khalifa. HNHH's "Underrated Audio" puts you on not-too-mainstream music you might have missed from the past week.

Musically and artistically it's a new Loaded Lux. Big Homie Muxtape 29, 7: I would entertain that again with my approach, which we should've did, so yes. August September 6, JEFF 14 hours ago. It's kind of tough. Loaded LuxMs. Dot October 24, They go into somebody's closet and pull a lot of skeletons out. I thought it would be best if I can give it to everyone in one conversation piece.

Loaded Lux - You Gon Get This Work

We see you too, Vado. XXL spoke with the Beloved one to get his thoughts on the reemergence of battle rap in the mainstream media, his ideal opponent and his forthcoming LP.

His ever - expanding catalogue is definitely better for it, and we're looking forward to the next piece of the puzzle - lowded you? So people can expect me to talk about those situations in the project. It's a nice addition to the impressive catalogue Loaded Lux has been building over the years. Big Homie November 30, 1: We're looking forward to hearing what's next. He definitely has his hands miixtape the game.

After their interview, they judged a ridiculous rap battle.

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