Runescape betrayal at falador

And as long as nothing more comes down on our heads, he added silently. But yeah, I liked it. According to the back of the book:

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Betrayal at Falador - Wikipedia

Return to Canifis [14] and Legacy of Blood. If you haven't yet read the book, you can check out a free preview of the first chapter by visiting the publisher's website here. However, the Monastery is destroyed by the Kinshra after ralador short battle.

Their one hope may lie in the hands, not of a knight, but of an untested squire named Theodore Meanwhile, Theodore decides to head to Varrock using his new found fame to recruit for more to join his order. Gar'rth wants to track down his uncle.

Betrayal at Falador

runwscape Subtlety is an important thing in a novel. Aug 06, Elisa Kay rated it really liked it. In a way I think going into this series cold was a good thing. It allows the reader to at least think he or she has figured something out, like a mystery or important plot point. I have been a huge fan of the Runescape game for many years now, and originally purchased falafor book back when it was published in !

RuneScape - Betrayal at Falador @ Titan Books

Jun 04, Niall-ryan rated it it was amazing. Although this book has strong elements from the game you can read it without having played it.

I gained a better understanding of some of the weapons used in the game and many of the races. Pretty cool so far.

Read the first chapter of Betrayal at Falador

And then there's the bad guys, the ones from out of town who want to rule over everyone in sight Open Preview See a Problem? I haven't read it yet but I am hoping to as my next big "book wave" is coming up I was wondering if it is avaiable in stores such as Waterstones or WH Smiths in the UK? Betrayal at Falador takes place in Gielinor, the fictional world of RuneScapeand begins with a woman known as Kara-Meir found near death within the walls of Falador Castle.

Greg W rated it liked it Jul 23, The White Knight Theodore is the handsome warrior who is runrscape into a world that runs counter to his beliefs. Betrayal at Falador is a novel based on the highly successful game, Runescape.

Kara-Meir is rescued by the Knights of Falador, who retrieve from her three mysterious objects; a finely crafted sword with a green tinge, a strange ring broken into two and betfayal white flowers. First novel by T. Of course, I wouldn't want to ruin it for those who haven't read it, so I won't give out specifics. Refresh and try again. We need some light!

The bertayal emerged from the gatehouse, bringing the torch with him and carrying a heavy bundle under his arm. Other books in the series. I definitely would have enjoyed it a lot more had I not had a huge reading slump midway through, but I did bbetrayal this book! Carly rated it really liked it Dec 26, Magic was only able to be used if you had runes ore type rock that each have a symbol relating to which type of rune it is to cast the spell.

Like new novelists, Church runescapd the progression of the story with too many battles. Retrieved from " https: This book can be read and enjoyed even if you've never played the game. Since I played the game, I found it very easy to follow and know a lot about characters and their stories before reading this book. It is an awsome story I recommend you all to read it.

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