A mono to stereo algorithm featuring bright and modulated characteristics of some classic high quality reverb units. Formerly conceived for the original EAReverb, this algorithm provides smooth and natural results by avoiding metallic artefacts and by offering an adjustable level of subtle randomness in the late reverb. The reverb also does a great job on keyboards by pushing the synth Auditorium is the most extended version of the original EAReverb core algorithm. The Doppler effect, natural filtering and level variations provided by the rotation of two parts, form a complex modulation effect.

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Why not control the affects of these movements on the soundforgetting about physical reality, and use them to our musical advantage?

The early reflections can be set with great details so EAReverb can be used as a very special room simulator. Pros Excellent choice of eeareverb. Back on the upside, though, we now have independent preset handling for the ERs, with one ER preset designed to specifically match each algorithm, and, as mentioned above, the ability to save User presets. Expanded algorithms, a slicker interface, and the nifty Screen Modules and Pos Mode make EAReverb 2 one of the best algorithmic eareveerb on the market.

Now we can completely forget reverbs made of impulse responses and precisely position individual instruments in a virtual space. The MBS or Multiband Stereo control is simply genius, allowing you to control the volumes of three different bands of verb and earevrrb their spatial fields.

A mono to stereo algorithm featuring bright and modulated characteristics of some classic high quality reverb units. EAReverb is a true stereo reverb unit.

EAReverb 2 algorithmic reverb plugin 33% OFF for limited time

I used the plug-in on separate drums to add 'reverse' effects, fill gaps in some patterns It also helped to give stereo width to mono sounding drums Though, earwverb plethora of parameters should be enough to place your music in some earevefb environment if you really want it! Features, specifications and interfaces are subject to change without notice.

It is particularly efficient when you want to turn a mono signal into a dynamic and deep stereo sound. It is a slightly deeper, different experience to v1 you may well be thankful for the SE modebut it retains all the sonic charm and adds in a host of fabulous new sounds and features.

EAReverb 2 algorithmic reverb plugin 33% OFF for limited time

Computer Eareevrb Magazine issue The reverb also does a great job on keyboards by pushing the synth It gives you flexibility, by adding a nice amount of selected parameters - to help you to go further with your chorus experimentations.

It may not be the plug-in that you use on every single track, but if you want a big wide mix with a eareverrb sense of space then there is nothing better than EARevolve. EAReverb 2 has then been used on the whole drum group to earevfrb a nice and cozy room feeling It is able to simulate the subtle reflections of a very small room as well as very large spaces. Inquiries are usually addressed within 2 working days. Maybe the answer lies in their lovingly crafted code Most of all, EAReverb provides a natural sounding, earthy reverb effect.

It is not uncommon to hear that a good stereo chorus is esreverb one that you just "forget" until someone turns it off. I needed a verb that could emulate natural room ambience and it does it in spades, you answered my dream verb wish, hard to find natural rooms that earevfrb sound like acid rain when you send a signal into it.

Compared to the former EAReverb which focuses on simulating natural environments, EAReverb 2 can then be considered as a more holistic answer to your reverb needs. Finally, why not synchronize all of this to the tempo of our music, or automate the whole thing?


EARevolve is the combination of a stereo chorus and a mono to stereo rotary speaker. While a small global reverb processes the master bus, 3 instances of EAReverb are used to place the solo trumpet to 3 different locations. Auditorium is an altogether more lively algorithm, particularly with its Bright setting switched on. The controls that have been implemented are not there only to look pretty. If we add the characteristics of the room, the position of the microphones and the position of the cabinet itself, we start to get quite a number of parameters to consider.

This provides more room for drums and vocals to be added. You will find tutorials and presets for your orchestral needs. For more information about orchestra music made with samplesplease visit www.

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