Renai shugi road to emerald

Prologue ends here with you selecting the guy character you're interested in. One day, Makodo came across this small music store with Electric Bass guitar on the display window. D The otome game fanbase is growing strongly!

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Shojo according to Shojo Beatis a class of media aimed at young girls. He forcefully tried to take Heroine away because there's a rumor has it whoever posses the Miko will rule the world. J-Pop, anime, and Oz, oh my!

Renai Shugi Road to Emerald

Those of you interested in roav fictions, the original Wizard of Oz story, or fans of shojo manga or anime, you might get a kick out of this one. This is a minor unintuitive issue however so it barely hurts Road to Emerald. Mail will not be published required.

You can browse the site in either gallery or list layout. Otherwise I think you should sleep early! Page viewed times, 1 so far today. Tweet this iPhone app review Facebook del. When she was looking at the book, she suddenly got dragged into the world of "Wizard of Oz".

Prologue ends here with you selecting the guy character you're interested in. One of them actually looks like Sebastian from Kuroshitsuji!

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Please select your device to get started. She is a schoolgirl who just picked up her own copy of the Rmerald of Oz. AppStore Read Review X.

You need to buy each guy to see the rest of the story, or the cheaper option would be to bulk buy the 10 characters! Probably because I'm playing the free trial shjgi orz Its open to imagination.

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This game could have easily become a dating simulator for young girls to interact with these characters… though I have to say, Emeralv the Lion is pretty much a bondage slave with a thing for showing off his bare abs. The trick to get the guy you wants ending is to act like them.

The story is a mix of really solid story telling with nice dialog, realistic use of words, and engaging storyline, and absolutely brain numbing anime stereotypes.

One of the latest Japanese popular mobile dating sim is now available for iPhone! I'm from Sydney if it's not clear from my blog.

Hikaru's Canvas: Walkthrough: ren'ai shugi Road to Emerald

Powered by 9WOS v6. If your dream destination is Akihabara, try this to rad the taste of it! Share This iPhone App Email this app to a friend! Published 26 Oct,4: I couldn't find the Free Trial version yet, probably need to try searching it in Japanese. Fan-girl fantasy aside, each character is drawn extremely well, the style looking like any Shojo anime.

The Heroine stayed in the care of Kiichi Hougen, the Onmyouji of Kyo who rescued her under the bridge.

But no matter how much one tries to leave music, the passion would always be there. One day, Makoto stopped at the book store on her way home and picked up the book of "Wizard of Oz". Get our Android app, iOS app or Windows app from the official app stores today! You have the kind-hearted dork, the diamond in the rough with a heart of gold, and the effeminate cat-boy with submissive undertones… oh god, what has this review become… Reading through the stereotypical characterizations can be tedious to someone like me… you know… a guy with no interest in other guys… so yeah, it was pretty uncomfortable to realize that this story is not meant for me at all.

Sadly Keitai Love Simulation haven't advance to voice yet?! If so, you can't avoid Road to Emerald!

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