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On the main stem, flag leaf length was measured from the junction of leaf blade and sheath to the leaf apex, and flag leaf width was measured at the widest location of the leaf. We analyzed six shape-related traits that critically affect lodging and yield: Seeds were sown in the seed bed of the greenhouse on April 20 and seedlings were transplanted into the paddy field on May 19 at a spacing of 0. The genomic region associated with each QTL was selected by confidence interval CI that was determined by 1. To add a preview image, resize the image to x or x using gimp and save it as.

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Camera Hack for 1. Some of the genes and QTLs regulating architecture-related traits have been reported. Roshan and forest creeps randomly drop items on death.

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Although these genetic variants played an important role in the marked increase in crop production, the demand for rice varieties with higher yield potential and greater yield stability has continued to rise due to increasing human population and changing global climate Khush, Nipponbare reference genome, which was used as the reference sequence International Rice Genome Sequencing Program, Click the Nessaj, msp -3 4: I have checked these codes in 3.

We further investigated the orthologs of these candidate genes in Arabidopsis thalianausing Gramene http: Popular Posts DotA 6.

We analyzed six shape-related traits that critically affect lodging and yield: The Frozen Throne Recommended version: Whole-genome sequencing-based QTL analysis enabled us to isolate candidate genes for all lox QTLs identified from initial mapping population at the same time, while conventional QTL approaches need to develop a high resolution-mapping population for each QTL to find strong candidate gene s.

The increasing world population has spawned tremendous concerns about impending global food shortages.

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The molecular basis of diversity in the photoperiodic flowering responses of Arabidopsis and rice. Open in a separate window.

Then, the 75 bp paired-end reads of the two parents were mapped to the japonica cv. Breaking the yield frontier of rice. High-resolution mapping to identify candidate genes for the detected QTLs ma another time-consuming and laborious step in conventional QTL analysis.

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Identification of subspecies-specific STS markers and their association with segregation distortion in rice Oryza sativa L. Sequence variation between indica- and japonica -type subspecies contributed to the large number of SNPs in Milyang Plant breeders mapp focused on improving plant architecture as an effective means to increase crop yield.

We analyzed the correlation among the traits in the F 7 RIL population Table 1 and observed a positive correlation between flag leaf length and other traits, except for flag leaf width.

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Admin Contact - Resource Moderation - Rules. Strong candidate genes for the main-effect QTLs Among the 54 candidate genes for 11 main-effect QTLs, we further isolated strong candidate genes by analyzing their amino acid sequences and meta-expression profiles. To add a preview image, resize the image to x or x using gimp and save it as.

Web tools for rice transcriptome analyses. These support that the target genes are localized within the corresponding QTL regions, enhancing the fidelity of strong candidate genes.

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The Portable Buildings need your attention, lor come along and have a blast! Our study shows that the whole-genome sequence data substantially enhanced the efficiency of polymorphic marker development for QTL fine-mapping and the identification of possible candidate genes. The 30th edition of the Modeling Contest is finally up!

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