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Hey, id like to just ask How do you turn the PlayStation DexDrive off after use? RAW single save format is now supported both importing and exporting.

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For starters file system is not working properly on Android 6.

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If the PocketStation is displaying any animation at the time e. Added support for Memory Juggler single saves. Fixed error with the grid line settings for Memory Card 2. Also I have one last question: I'll have to write application from scratch once again, damn but it probably will be similar to the one shown in the video Awesome job as usual Shendo!

Joined Jul 21, Messages Reactions 0 Points Thanks for creating Memcardrex! Rearanged plugin window to fit more information in less space. This software is licensed under GPL 3. Non standard saves can be imported now codelist, eexe, etc Check hardware directory in the root of the MemcardRex directory.

Posted by Shendo at 9: Added support for additional image formats when exporting the icon.

Erwin de Klerk June 24, at 2: I have two a fat ps3 and slim ps3. Fixed error with status bar not being updated after saving a card.

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For PS1 and PS2 it will work in both ways. Tabs can now be closed by pressing the middle mouse button. I can write a few tests for you to run so we can iron out the problem. Turned out to be a loose SATA cable but it gave me a scare.

Settings are now stored in "Settings. Saves can now be copied to the temp buffer and pasted to the selected card and slot. I like, and appreciate how clean your program is; and this is a good start to an application software that can read from, and write to, a PlayStation DexDrive.

GUI is now more consistent with the general usage guidelines. Changed settings format memcarddrex ". Prof Marsh August 6, at Not that I didn't do it before but I was lazy about it and backed up occasionally.

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Also do you know by any chance if gamesharks work on PS3s? Login to resync this repository. If the backup directory is missing it will now be created when the cards are being backed up.

Western Digital all the way. The files load fine if I save them with MemcardRex then load them up separately in BC, but I just can't get the plugin to work: Members online -StrikE- ssj4bq squallz Thanakil.

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