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Stop writing like a stupid kiddie. Can I ask what method you're using to remove the IAT elimination. If you get an error such as yours error while loading because app is checking itself and cannot be launched twice by the same process is my guess with the nanomite analysis from the Armageddon tool, I would suggest that you keep the process open don't terminate then use ArmInline to locate and process the nanomites. For cryin' out load Even if he followed a damn tutorial, he would be able to do it.

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Not much protection involved, but it would make a nice addition compared to wrmadillo dilloDIE. Long time, no post around here. So you are right about the filename. I'm sure that naides can send you his exact target condzero.

Condzero, thanks for the quick and positive answer! It is not uncommon for progs to ask for ArmAccess.

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I unpacked using automated Armageddon tool. When do you guys release the Import rebuilding dll? One on top of all the dll support.

However, a couple of weeks back, I think since I installed Windows XP SP3, the unpacked application refused to run, and Armageddon does not unpack it correctly anymore. Nice little packer you made too. Not having unpacked this app before, I can't offer too much.

It's so much more convenient to have this menial work done for you quickly and reliably than to manually pick Armadillo's shell off.

I added the most recent "Last Updated" listing to March 5,from the February listing, just to me as accurate as possible. Even if he followed a damn tutorial, he would be able to do it.

Unpacoer removed the double post which was apparently made by an extra click of the mouse. Your current posts will be kept purely for their entertainment value, but further pollution of this and other threads with brain dead crap like that will be deleted without warning. Should be released fairly soon.

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I did need to resolve nanomites a few times which you can do by knpacker option because they were cute in imbedding the damn things in most of the main functions off the menu. You could have just asked, but I'm flattered nonetheless.

He added and fixed several things. We are currently testing v1. Have you tried a different browser??

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I have SP3 and works flawlessly on other targets either dll or exe, but not arma 5. Send any target names by PM to condzero, they are not allowed in the public forums. I believe this armadilol one was, at least in part, armadlilo to make the system more "secure" and might be expected to have some effects on previous methods of doing some things.

This way we can avoid the use of VEH for those that don't like this. For cryin' out load Use only if normal "debug blocker" processing fails.

Let us know if the issue with SP3 solved. Will keep a look out for updates Read the newest ones on ARTeam unpackfr. Extremely nice work as usual, thanks for the work and the heads up!

As far as I know, it has been atmadillo for many BFG targets, so this could be an exceptional case It seems to "escape" the tool and run instead of stopping at the entry point.

Well as an ex author of Armadillo, i just armasillo to say this is a nice unpacker, i respect nice reverse engineering work. I know for a fact that the packed version does not need this dll I found out that the. He provided me with an I think manually unpacked version of the app in question, which suddenly required ArmAccess.

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