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VanDyke Software uses cookies to give you the best online experience. That's more than most other communications software on the market, and they even work with Telnet. Telnet connections access remote computers and BBSs over the Internet. Assign commands and run scripts from mapped keys or from the button bar. Using a discontinued product puts your network at risk, however a number of up-to-date products provide the same terminal emulation for free or at little cost.

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Terminal emulation and file transfers. Automates and customizes Procomm functions with over commands available to control any communications task Automates logons by recording system prompts and responses, generating an ASPECT script to use in future sessions Automates Telnet of FTP tasks Includes built-in script editor, script compiler and debugger On-line Help provides prockmm working example for each scripting command Connection Directory.

More reliable connections for fast, accurate communications.


If you need a Procomm replacement because you're switching to a new platform, SecureCRT is advanced remote access software from a company with over 15 years of experience in terminal emulation and security. Do you have any news related to this product? You get full support for 36 of the most popular asynchronous video display terminals. Unlike ProComm's neglect after being taken over by Symantec and living a live on the back burner of a large software company, ZOC Terminal has been and is under continued development over the last 20 years, still being in the hands of its original and loving developers.

Unfortunately for you, Symantec stopped producing ProComm, its flagship terminal emulation software, in the late s. Available for both Unix- and Windows-based systems, the PuTTY terminal download page also offers tools for backend, command-line control, secure file transfers and more.

Terminal emulation and file transfers Procomm Plus gives you unsurpassed versatility and reliability for terminal emulation and file transfers.

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Users of Windows Vista or newer can now access the program only for a fee. Send an email and tell me! ASPECT, its scripting language, is powerful, and a handful of sample scripts are included--but manually editing scripts is akin to full-on programming. In addition, Procomm Plus is a powerful terminal emulator, offering support for three dozen terminals. Being acquired by software giant Symantec, becoming merely a tiny part of their huge software portfolio, didn't help much either.

Mainly Interested in Software Category: After receiving his BA in journalism from the University of Wisconsin, Madison inhe turned his focus towards writing about travel, politics and current technology. Telnet supports all 36 terminal emulations and 11 file transfer protocols.

Procomm Plus Replacement - PowerTerm InterConnect

SecureCRT runs on multiple operating systems, including Windows 8 and Windows 10 with robust features such as secure and legacy protocols, scripting, automation tools, and termlnal session customization capabilities. It lets you schedule unattended transmissionsconverts incoming faxes to text for use in word processing programs, and includes a graphical editor that you create your cover pages.

Supports custom interface and communication application design. We only experienced one problem under XP: ZOC Terminal is a rock-solid, modern and feature-rich terminal emulator software that offers many emulations, file transfer and other features that are similar to ProComm, so that ZOC can serve as a modern alternative to ProComm. Today ProComm remains a fond memory for those who used it us among them. And if there is an interruption, Procomm Plus 4.

Powerful scripting language with screen-scrape ability More Features: Drag-and-drop Explorer-style FTP client makes file transfers easy. Buy Procomm Plus 4. Terminla Software uses cookies to give you the best online experience.

But in later years the product had problems with the transition from bit to bit and became rather crash happy when running on operating systems after Windows Download a file from your office.

Automates connections with one click Consistent interface across all functions ensures ease-of-use Stores and manages all your connection information including telephone numbers, Internet addresses and system settings Logon scripts automatically connect you to mini and mainframe applications RoadTrip feature automatically adjusts your Connection Directory settings for all outbound calls according to your current location's area code Lets you define "dialing queues" for any group of connections, or enter alternate telephone numbers.

List of terminal emulators

Procomm Plus has comprehensive fax capabilities built right in. You can also drag and drop to twrminal and receive files using 11 standard high-speed file transfer protocols.

Here's just a fraction of the features.

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