Isaac carree clean this house

I hope they realize with all their comments they are now responsible for taking it to you in prayer because if God can make a donkey talk He can use anything to bring him glory. Dennis Veal II February 22, at Is he going to be the new pastor at New Birth missionary Baptist Church? Carree married slept with another man's wife.

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Lordhelp and if you think im judging Anonymous March 3, at 7: The only difference is that we can now capture it with technology.

NEW MUSIC: Isaac Carree “Clean This House”

Just to be accepted by main stream media? I listened to the first verse and no less than seven passages of scripture came to me.

Isaac praises the Lord through music and that is all that matters. Personally the song is not to me, but I am rejoicing over anyone who get restore, receives, or gets save because of it. Secondly, if it wasn't was contempory gospel, I would have never begin to appreciate gospel music so many years ago.

Just don't listen and keep your hate to yourself. At this point I am going to excuse myself from your blog in the interest of maintaining my self control.

Don't thiis if a secular artist writes a gospel song,aslong as its sincerely done,im down wit it Online congregation tragically, studies reveal that spousal abuse is just as common within Christian churches as anywhere else. Music is for our pleasure as humans. Sadly, this is not new to the church community.

Anonymous April 15, at 4: A new commandment I give unto you, That ye love one another; as I have loved you, that ye also love one another. Her song aswell as the album is number one Im so happy that you are standing for holiness!

And as far as having a closed mind and hard heart You might be onto something. I thank you for the attention it brought to the believers. We ARE to judge by the fruit This young lady and her kids are in danger.

May not always like it,but respect it.

Issac Carree Channels R. Kelly In “Clean This House” [LISTEN] | Praise Houston

Cardee u don't like the song,not because r kelly wrote it,and issac carree sang it like r kelly What the enemy tried to use for evil God will turn this thing around. I completely agree with you Ann.

How can we have 21 different covers of the same song in the same year on the radio??? Not to mention artists do tend change the way they sound over time.

It sure ain't me Carree married slept with another man's wife. I guess the back drop of this song is probably what gives the song a bad feel. Nevertheless, Lee would deliver a song with such power that congregants spill into the church aisles, lifting their arms in praise to the Almighty and dancing in the spirit. This means that about 25 percent of Christian homes witness abuse housw some kind.

Isaac Carree

Once again, shame on this young man for not having an original idea. Anonymous March 26, at 9: There were a lot of tradition but there also were family and a sense of community. First of all, all music comes from God.

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