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Introscope Component Description Enterprise Manager The Enterprise Manager EM acts as the central repository for all Introscope performance data and metrics collected in an application environment. Heap Capacity in Percent. Align around shared performance goals and outcomes. This metric indicates the capacity of the SmartStor.

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CA Wily Introscope 24 x 7 monitoring, incident detection and notification, rapid triage, root-cause analysis and historical data reporting wiyl help ensure superior service delivery and successful customer experiences.

No credit card required. Description CA Wily Introscope provides 24 x 7 monitoring, incident detection and notification, rapid triage, root-cause analysis and historical data reporting to help ensure superior service delivery introscoope successful customer experiences. Align around shared performance goals and outcomes. Workstation The user controls Introscope and accesses performance metrics through the Introscope Workstation.

Duration of the SmartStor Queries in Milliseconds. Introscope agents collect performance metrics from the various components inside the running Web application, the application server and performance and availability data from the surrounding computing environment.

CA Unified Infrastructure Management. End of the note. This number decreases as soon as an Introscope agent disconnects from the Enterprise Manager. Although it may fluctuate statistically, this metric on average should be equal to the number of metrics described above. This metric indicates the capacity of the SmartStor.

The Performance tab page displays the value of the key performance metrics of Introscope Enterprise Manager over a specific introwcope. SmartStor Capacity in Percent. Troubleshoot technical issues, browse the latest product documentation and access support announcements.

All trademarks, trade names, service marks and logos referenced herein belong to their respective companies. You can view the values for the following metric types by choosing the Display pushbutton.

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This metric indicates the number of metrics known to the selected Enterprise Manager. See how any topology, attribute or code change impacts application performance — and track back with Timelines to reveal when and why performance changed.

This metric indicates the garbage collection duration for the Java Virtual Introsckpe on which the Enterprise Manager is running. This metric, therefore, indicates potential overloads but not their cause.

Features To use the following Introscope features, call the SAP Solution Manager Administration work center, in the navigation bar, choose Infrastructureand Introscope you can display this view embedded or in a new window: Community Find answers and share knowledge with your peers through interactive forums. The EM processes performance data and makes it available to users for production monitoring and diagnosis.

Gain aggregated views into total service performance with detailed App, API and microservice instrumentation. CA App Experience Analytics.

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Try now, no credit card required. Find the right root cause. These analytics can also:. This publication is for your informational purposes only.

Read more customer success stories. Introzcope of Metrics Processed This metric indicates the number of metrics that were processed by the Enterprise Manager within a 15 second interval. CA Wily Introscope, allows you to identify and remove bottlenecks, eliminate unplanned outages, optimise your resources, and lower the costs associated with maintaining complex web applications.

Use this tab page to:. Achieving inttroscope goals becomes more difficult as the web application environment increases in complexity and the number of transactions grows.

SaaS-based app performance monitoring for smaller organizations or departments.

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