Greddy emanage ultimate software

Contribute Create an Article Upload a File. Views Read Edit History. There's nothing you can do about it unless you switch over to stage 3 tuning, so you'll just have to ignore cold engine AFRs for now. JDM Injector Adapter 3 included.

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Tuning: Configure GReddy e-Manage Ultimate Software (Stage 1)

Enter this correction value into the airflow adjustment map. JDM Ignition Adapter 1 included.

Start your engine, your idle AFR should be around This is because our stock MAF does not report airflow Hz in a linear fashion especially at low volume of air, so we cannot use a linear correction throughout the map as we just made earlier.

Categories How To's Information Dictionary. If you have a greddy pressure sensor or wideband O2 sensor controller, now would be a good time to set it up. OBD2a Special order only - Call for pricing.

JDM Injector Adapter 3 included. Click on Vehicle tab, and select 6G72 engine code. Ignition Adapter 2 included. With the engine off, just push the throttle all the way down and emanage will automatically fill in the settings for you for MIN ultimatf MAX. JDM Special order only - Call for pricing.

GReddy e-manage Ultimate (free) download Windows version

The GReddy e-manage Ultimate is as close to a stand-alone management system as you can get while maintaining the best features of a " piggy-back " engine management; an economical price, the usage of existing sensors, the ability to easily alter factory settings and not having to tune from scratch.

This lean hot start only goes away after being driven, the short drive emanagd parking lot to the emission testing station does not satisfy the ECU and remains very lean, this explains the rich crazy ulhimate in my emission map. Ignition Adapter 2 and Injector Adapter 1 included. Here's a very old blue emanage map that I converted to work on my emanage ultimate.

Someday I'll replace that front O2 sensor. Any values you enter here are ignored because this is for stage 3 only. Retrieved greddu " https: OBD1 Special order only - Call for pricing. Click on Map Select tab and pick Airflow Adjustment map.

Injector Adaptor 1 included. Supplemental Harness Kit Car Model: Instead we need to calculate the correction factor ourselves.

Click on the button above for a download link. For example my RC injectors would give a correction value of Inector Adapter 1 included. At this point your car has a rough tune, and the only way to make things better is to datalog a run and adjust your map accordingly.

GReddy e-Manage

Run software and Click on Parameter Settings little blue car icon. Special order only - Call for pricing.

There's nothing you can do about it unless you switch over to stage 3 tuning, so you'll just have to ignore cold engine AFRs for now. As a quick fix, I'm using my wideband O2 narrowband wire to simulate a working front O2, problem is my wideband O2 are combining results from both front and rear banks.

Eliminates check engine light with use of IGN: I recommend re-adjusting the load scale from max to something like max as is too low for our cars. Ultimate Complete Harness Car Model: This page was last modified on February 8,at Ensure all emanage hardware jumpers are in their default position.

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