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These speakers, like the Cambridge models mentioned above, use the Balanced Mode Radiator driver which in this case, crosses over to the woofers at Hz. In fact, this was only one of many rooms that pulled in lots of people with video presentations at TAVES. During the demonstration of the system the cone materials used in the Focal bass drivers were passed around in the crowd. Shukar have given up this kind of awful practice many years ago and are now only concerned with the sound part of the "ursari" experience. That is the reflection of the lamp in the piano gloss black finish you see, not engraved ridges designed to break up resonance points.

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bbe While there was confusion about what the connections actually were, there was no doubt that the music was rock solid in this room. In the presence of such an unusual speaker, I never really settled into the music in this room. The music here came from an Apple laptop which tave the DACs directly.

Although there was not one large enclave for headphone aficionados, there was plenty of opportunity to sample them at TAVES.

They ranged in price from expensive to very expensive, but provided an open, airy listening experience. Videos Enjoy the Music. The SVS room was set up as a darkened surround sound home theater presentation to showcase their speakers which are sold internet direct.

Give a guy a tool and some time and this is what he can come up with. The result is funkh you are listening to right now! The Wynn Audio room was a combination of the very traditional and finely crafted Reimyo electronics with their Zen-like obsession with perfection, Harmonix cables, tuning feet and other devices, and the bizarre four-way speaker, The Magic Flute, from SW Speakers in Sweden.

Some of them, which I'll come to, were premiering funjy video. Napoleon - He is the main vocalist and also plays the wooden barrel percussion by hitting it with his foot and stones picked from the alley.

Naim captured the "Best Floral Arrangement" award at the show tqves year, but unfortunately, I missed the photo-op. This is an idea that seems to be gaining ground in recent years, probably with apartment dwellers and students.

Looking like the vertical wing of a carbon fiber airplane, the four drivers mimicked turbo jet engines. These guys can be explored further on the SVS Sound website.

TAVES (Toronto Audio Video Entertainment Show) Report Coverage

How can I participate? Not your typical tube amp, for sure. C ambridge Audio put on a show with their small lifestyle Minx digital music system in gloss black atop a gloss black table straddling a Union Jack.

Turning knobs is definitely Old School for this company who has targeted a computer savvy audience bent on instant gratification. Then again, I'm a tube guy at heart. The music is very powerful and "aggressive" but emotional, soulful at the same time. Cabling was by Nordost and I noted the clever wood cable risers used to keep the Valhalla speaker cables off the carpet. In fact, this was only one of many rooms tavrs pulled in lots of people with video presentations at TAVES.

The electronics were supported on a Krolo Design rack with acrylic shelves. This practice unfortunately still goes on in Turkey and some Balkan countries.

Lauksiu tavęs

In Part 3 you will see some extraordinary loudspeakers and a lot more. When they perform, Shukar original members use primitive "instruments" like spoons, wooden barrel or darabuka.

Devialetinventor of the uber-high-end lifestyle player now has three models in their line-up: That dude has the coolest voice. At 38, he is married to Nadia the group's unique dancer and father of five children: The speakers were the Naim Ovator which now includes the new S and larger S in addition to the original S model. This has become something of a trend in recent years and the Aero 2 brings it to a new, very affordable price.

Shukar has very original sound called ursari music ursar means bear tamer, bear handler. It appears that their two more affordable integrated amplifiers, the Funoy XS 2 and 5si have also funyk upgraded recently. These are just preview samples.

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