O zvezdo zvezdana

Yet theres still this appeal That weve kept through our lives Love, love will tear us apart again Do you cry out in your sleep All my failings expose? Hallowed be thy name. I Wish by Infected mushroom I wish to give, to take, to make, to check, I wanna see it happen I want to see, to be, the one that plays the game without no fears and regrets I want to know you, better than I know myself I want to feel the end, and to enjoy the consequence I'm playing the game the one that will take me to my end I'm waiting for the rain

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No leaf clover Ray Charles: Under a watching autumn eye Contorted trees are spreading forth The message of the wind With frozen hands I rode with the stars With anger the wind blew Zvzdana wings to my stallion Clouds gathered across the moon Blazing the white light Passing the lake I know so well I am near, yet so far away Arrival Scorpions - Wind of Changes 8.

Someone forgot this one Iron Maiden-Hallowed be thy name I'm waiting in my cold cell, when the bell begins to chime.

From the dark I feel your lips. Agalloch-As Embers Dress The Sky The shallow voice of the wind cries between these ebony wings The shallow cries of the wind sing a swansong for mankind Shine on morning skyfire ablaze this final day The autumnal end, the dawn of man The centuries fade below my feet I soared above them as they worthlessly poured thought from a chalice As wisdom would flow, twilight would come to pass Drink, oh hallowed cup of life Shine on evening skyfire Paint the sky with the blood of a raven Bereavement, oh garment of ebony As embers dress the dusk of man Sto se tice pojedinacnih pesama: Agathodaimon - Body Zevzdana Clay Cry with my tears Cry with my pain Still in the cold Neverending rain With one of your kisses My words you'd freeze From one of your kisses My bleeding would cease Shed all my tears The flood devours all The earth, us, rushing Hammerfall - Allways will be 2.


Power of love George Michael-Different corner Human league: Your beauty took the strength from me. Led Zeppelin-Stairway to heaven 6. I've gone beyond to see the truth.

Danas bice nereda, danas bice ludnica evo idu huligani s' beogradskih ulica. Ne mogu da verujem da sam zaboravio ovo. Metallica - Creeping Death 5. What have you found?

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Zezdo for the ricochet. See the blind man- he's shooting at the world. Pastoral scene of the gallant south, The bulging eyes and the twisted mouth, Scent of magnolias, sweet and fresh, Then the sudden smell of burning flesh. You lift me above myself, with the ghostly lake of your mind. Don't die on me. Somebody please tell me that I'm dreaming, It's not easy to stop from screaming, But words escape me when I try to speak.

Избор на редактора

Sa druge strane, postoje kao malo ozbiljniji metal bendovi t. Ih ala su vam izbori-ali to je vec stvar ukusa,razumem: I ain't gonna do zvvezdana I don't want to, I'm gonna live my life. I've had a bellyful of emptiness I've got a pocketful of nothing at all In real-life fairy tales the frog stays a frog And the serving girl can't be the belle of the ball.

Yesterday - Mislim da svi zanju ko ovo peva R. Doom, Black, Gothic Citajuci tekstove prvih, mnogo toga ne razumem, ali s' vremena na vreme razumem fragmente isecke iz teksta, strofe i previse dobro. Now my wallet's getting thinner like the hair on my head By the time I hit the "big Time" I'll be buried and dead Tell me how can you resent me for the money I've spent On the only habit I indulge that's paying the rent?

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Anybody brave enough to take a stand, I've knocked on every door, on every dead end street, Looking for forgiveness, what's zvezdna to believe? Za mene najbolja rok pesma: Poenta tih tekstova se uglavnom svodi na puko prepricavanje dogadjaja za koje su autori citali u knjizi, pokusavajuci pri tom da siluju tekst, odrzavajuci rimu konstantno.

Pesma Martyr,sto se spot vrti ovih dana na MTV,sjajna je. Not sure I understand, This role Ive been given. Jamiroquai - Black Crow He sees the stormy anger of the zvezro And wants no part of it at all And as the weeping leaves of Autumn curl He feels the savage winter call See far below the dust of conflict settles on the hill Where there was no escape before And as he spreads his wings and soars up to another level He brings the icy prophecies of war Black crow, black crow, tell me where you really go When you fly into the sunset, high in evening sky, Black crow, black crow, tell me what you really know Will we flourish in this hurricane, or will we fall and die?

Maybe then you'll begin to understand, Life down here is just a strange illusion Yeah yeah yeahh.

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