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Classroom time is limited. You can make an unlimited number of projects and share them with others. We will never give your information to anyone outside our company for any reason. The text in the "Comments" field is too long. Apply zoom, blur, twirl, antique, and more.

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Apply zoom, blur, twirl, antique, and more. You should specify your country. Still, I was on the lookout for a hypercard replacement and hyperstudio looked attractive and reasonably priced, and both assessments would be true if this was The Inspector In a single window, control the appearance, actions, features, layout, and style of any object.

Please enable JavaScript to continue. Kid Pix Deluxe 3D.

Shorten your comment text and try again. Animation with Onion Skin Views Show the semitransparent image of the previous card, the next card, or both superimposed on the card with which you are currently working. Classroom time is limited. World Book Trivia Challenge.

HyperStudio 4-Card Trial Version

Please let us know if you have any questions, comments, suggestions or would like to share with us any stories about your involvement in the HyperStudio community over the years.

You should enter a valid email address. Software MacKiev Privacy Statement Information you provide will never, ever be used for any other purpose than to send you the information you have requested. Information Seller Software MacKiev.

Developer Website Hypershudio Support. There's nothing like HyperStudio for making the most of it! You should enter your address.

Text Actions Compare and move text between text objects, and read and hyperatudio text to and from files without requiring any scripting! This is a very handy way to have text boxes, animations, or anything else start after a preset delay when arriving at a card. You can use Objects Browser to manipulate these objects quickly and easily.

Software MacKiev - HyperStudio

The text in the "Comments" field is too long. Open the Mac App Store hyperstufio buy and download apps. Path Animation Path animation offers you the ability to completely customize the paths that objects travel in your stories.

Web, podcasts, YouTube, and so on. I should have heard the warning bells: With HyperStudio's intuitive drag-and-drop environment, automatic attributions for items brought in from the Web, iLife integration, and collaborative possibilities using DropBox, HyperStudio offers more project style options than any other creative authoring program.

OSX design guidelines have changed since and hyperstudio looks and hperstudio dated, which is a pity since it is a great idea in the making. I am not sure if Software Mackiev is doing any development at all, but if they are, they hypersyudio do something about hyperstudio.

Not a great app due to compatability issues with OS10 Ciera. You should enter your first name. You cannot create a stack with more than 4 cards, and you cannot link stacks.

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The software developer is not up to date with hyper studio. Win Edition HyperStudio 5.

All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Arduino Support Integrate Arduino devices into your projects.

Nov 8, Version 5.

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