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Available in multiple languages and easily translated. In closing, wxDownload Fast is an utility you can definitely count on when you want a steady and fast file download. Added Czech language by David Vachulka Fixed problem when retriving some metalink files. An open source download manager that brings to you a simple and reliable means of downloading single or multiple files of all possible sizes.

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wxDownload Fast

It shows you the file type, size, download time, MD5 sequence and source. I'm happy to announce that the "wxDownload Fast" project reached downloads since his first release.

The complete changes are:. This class keeps the download data. If you feel that this is taking up too much bandwidth and interfering with your Internet browsing or other online activities, you can schedule the downloads.

WxDownload Fast - Download

A Ubuntu Linux 6. In this are defined the external programs used, like wddownload browser, file manager, and so on Now the file size are compared with the already saved values. But for a small project managed by a single guy methat work in the project just a few hours a month this is a big deal.

The wxDownload Fast original files are aways hosted in SourceForge. Available fxst multiple languages and easily translated.

In this way, we have almost sure that the file size not changed since the last time, and that the file will be not corrupted The program internal structure was improved Added some minor features.

In closing, wxDownload Fast is an utility you can definitely count on when you want a steady and fast file download. To add a new download to the manager you just need to have the URL copied to the clipboard.

Added German language Now the speed values that are bigger them the graph scale fasst showed Added status bar and "Stop All downloads" qxdownload "Start All downloads" buttons Fixed some bugs. Besides that, it is a multi-threaded download manager. See the Download section.

wxeownload While downloading, the application provides a detailed log that offers you relevant information about the entire process. After a long time without updates, I bring this new release with the new RipStop Theme, with 3 new languages, and lots of bug fixes:. This way, wxDownload Fast can help you deal with large files that take a lot of time to download.

But It's important to say that this number is possible thanks the several users around the world, that use the program and help me to improve it every day with your suggestions and bug reports.

You can set them to start at a specific date and time. New in wxDownload Fast 0. There is a malware using the name wxdownload or wxdownloadmanager.

With wxDownload Fast you are also able to download multiple files at the same time. Added Czech language by David Vachulka Fixed problem when retriving some metalink files. Introduction wxDownload Fast also known as wxDFast is an open source download manager. The malware site use some of the original screenshots and texts. The application displays a comprehensive interface and offers you quick and unobstructed access to buttons that can start, stop and pause a download, as well as change applications settings.

Added Turkish language by E.

Fixed problem with the Calendar Control on the schedule option Fixed problems with forbidden filename characters Fixed problems with the calendar box Added dialog box that ask about to open HTML files on the browser Added "Open Destination Directory" command that opens the destination directory of selected download Added tab "Paths" in the Options Box.

This means that it can split a file into several pieces exdownload download the pieces simultaneously. Click to load comments.

wxDownload Fast Portable

You are also able to set the number of pieces in which the file is split, as well as give a command for the application to execute once the task is complete. Added support for multiples files inside metalinks Fixed bug when fastt graph colors Fixed bug when getting file size on FTP servers. Fixed bug that change the first item of the finished list, when the user click in "Open destination directory" Fixed problem when getting the size of finished files bigger than 2Gb Fixed some memory access bug Made a total change on mDownloadFile class, making the class more encapsulated.

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