Nako devraya anta asa pahu

Other Varkari poet-saints refer to Vithoba mostly as a father. In versions of the legend where Sadashiva does not appear, Kanhopatra immediately leaves for Pandharpur—singing the praises of Vithoba—with the Varkari pilgrims or coaxes her mother to accompany her to Pandharpur. Most accounts declare that Kanhopatra was forced into the courtesan's life, though she detested it, [8] [9] while some say that Kanhopatra firmly declined to become a courtesan. She refers to Krishna-Vithoba as the "champion of the low", and as a mother. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

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About thirty of her abhangas have survived, and continue to be sung today. Faces of the feminine in ancient, medieval, and modern India. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. According to popular tradition, Kanhopatra merged with the image of Vithoba in a form of marriage—something that Kanhopatra longed for.

Lyric of marathi song Nako Devaraya Anta Aataa Paahu

The priest of the temple was arrested for foul play. Kanhopatra or Kanhupatra was a 15th-century Marathi saint-poet, venerated by the Varkari sect of Hinduism. When a jackal takes the share of the lion, it is the great, who is put to shame. Kanhopatra was a daughter of a rich prostitute and courtesan named Shama or Shyama, who lived in the town of Mangalvedhanear Pandharpur, the site of Vithoba's chief temple.

Retrieved from " https: Other Varkari poet-saints refer to Atna mostly as a father.

Accordingly, Sadashiva started to harass Kanhopatra and Shama. Kanhopatra, however, fled to Pandharpur disguised as a maid, with the help of her aged maid Hausa.

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She was also the subject of the popular Marathi drama named Sant Kanhopatrain which Bal Gandharva played the lead. When she refused, the king sent his men to get her by force.

She is the only woman Varkari saint, who is not associated with any male Varkari saint, [n 6] who has no gurunor any parampara tradition or lineage. The Varkari assured her that Vithoba would accept her as he accepted wsa maid Kubja[n decraya the sinful king Ajamila and the so-called " untouchable " saint Chokhamela. Digital Library of India.

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She is the only person whose samadhi mausoleum is within the precincts of the temple. Stories of Indian Saints: Janabai was the maid-servant of saint Namdev.

If you call yourself the Lord of the fallen, why do O Lord not lift me up? Kubja welcomes Krishna with whom god Vithoba is identified in Mathura—the kingdom of Kamsa and anoints him with saffron and sandal, in return Krishna makes Kubja young and beautiful again. The soldiers of the king besieged the temple and threatened to destroy it if Kanhopatra was not handed over to them.

Marathi Wikisource has original text related to this article: Other theories suggest that she killed herself, or that she was killed for her rebelliousness.

In versions of the legend where Sadashiva does not appear, Kanhopatra immediately leaves for Pandharpur—singing the praises of Vithoba—with the Varkari pilgrims or coaxes her anga to accompany her to Pandharpur. During this same time, however, Sadashiva—who felt insulted by Kanhopatra's refusal—sought the help of the Badshah king of Bidar.

Kanhopatra sings to Vithoba. When Kanhopatra first saw the Vithoba image of Pandharpur, she sang in an abhanga that her spiritual merit was fulfilled and she was blessed to devrata seen Vithoba's feet. Fallen Kanhopatra offers herself to your feet, a challenge to your claims of mercy.

Women Saints of East and West. Kanhopatra's life has been recounted in a Marathi film Kanhopatra written and directed by Bhalji Pendharkar. According to Deshpande, Kanhopatra's poetry reflects the "awakening of the downtrodden" and the rise of female creative expression, ignited by the sense of gender equality enforced by the Varkari tradition.

Wikimedia Commons has media related to Kanhopatra. Oxford University Press US.

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