Uopilot v2.17

Fixed the creation of the log when calling procedures. Corrected checkbox "Add spaces", slightly altered the algorithm. Is not case sensitive. Receiving array withdrawn from circulation.

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Fixed 'clickoffsetx' and 'clickoffsety' in the 'move' command.

In the context menu of the script moved some commands in the new section "Ultima Online". Added "Backpack" to "Custom Client".

Added in the 'findcolor' the deviation of the shade. First stops all scripts that are specified, then starts all of v21.7, and then restarts itself if necessary.

Fixed 'get windowpos' in Lua. Added display of the color channels in the tooltip on the button with a "certain" color in hexadecimal format.

UoPilot v2.17

All the pilot variables that were available from Lua 17 pieces v21.7 Lua are now functions. Made the automatic definition of the width of the 'prompt' command. Added the opportunity to choose how to display messages command 'msg', errors, etc.

Temporarily sets the working directory for the location of the executable file. The values change only for the current script. Fixed the output in the log function 'chartohexf'. Slightly corrected the insertion of commands in a script from the context menu. Fixed 'readmem' and 'writemem' in Lua.

WKnight Home Page

Changes caption of the specified window Has added change of a priority for the again created scripts Has added an opportunity of change a priority of the script from the script with command 'set priority 1 2 3' Has added a command of preservation a copy of the screen in a file - 'PrintScreen handle x y width height path' Has added an opportunity to request meaning uopilott the user 2v.17 the script. Move the commands loading, reloading and unloading of plugins to the plugins menu.

The Lua virtual machine is restarted when the script is restarted. Lua comments added to syntax highlighting "--".

Corrected checkbox "Add spaces", slightly altered the algorithm. Added output of milliseconds in the log. It is possible to set the list of keys. Corrected the zooming user interface elements when changing the scale of the screen dots per inch. Corrected search element in the entire array by using the functions 'minx' and 'maxx'.

Corrected display of the log when switching tabs. Fixed a few reserved variables: Fixed the error that occurs when executing the Lua script, after stopping it by the UOPilot.

Turn on the appropriate menu item. Added in the 'prompt' the possibility to display ulpilot title Has made loading scripts under numbers on which they were at closing the pilot, instead of the order.

Slightly corrected assignment delay between the lines from the script, with the help of the variable 'linedelay'. Added a lot of items in the menu at RMB. Added command line switch that changes the working folder of the UOPilot.

Added a few new commands to the RMB menu. Required parameters are not removed. Fixed 'set windowpos' in Lua. Added a newline of character with the code 13, when the result of the plugin is assigned to the array.

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