Jonti twirligig

Room 25 - Noname. Generally favorable reviews - based on 8 Critics What's this? It's not that Dilla didn't do this kind of thing either, but it's very difficult to engage a listener with lopsided loops and exploding synth warps if there's not going to be a driving force pulling it through.

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The warm, fuzzy melodies take hold almost instantly. The Bootleg Series, Vol. All this publication's reviews.

Jonti : Twirligig

It is a bit ephemeral, but not quite as music to relax to--more like music to be bewildered by. The album's distinctly lacking in structure or direction. Joy As an Act of Resistance - Idles.

Room 25 - Noname. The problem is that almost all of them are crying out for rappers or singers to give them some cohesion, and they're few and far between here. More Blood, More Tracks: This is the beginning of a very big thing. Cyclic Lovethe only track here that features a lyricist, is miles ahead of the rest because you can actually see Jonti's potential realised.

The debut album for the Sydney, Australia-based producer was influenced by the films of Norman McLaren. It's crate-digging redefined for the chill age. Wonky beats and bizarre instrumental arrangements are Jonti's area of expertise, and there are plenty of them on Twirligig.

Generally favorable reviews - based on 8 Critics What's this? Some Rap Songs - Earl Sweatshirt. Holy Hell - Architects. Negative Capability - Marianne Faithfull.

Jonti: Twirligig : Mistletone

Surf is most definitely up. From his start as the Nintendo-DS modifying sound wizard in Sherlock's Daughter through to his Danimals project and beyond, Jonti's nose for the weird and wonderful and his ear for melody has always been a constant, but so has his inclination to lean very left of mainstream.

It's Hit-and-miss but lots of fun, with real skill and joie de vivre behind the incessant experimentation. Be the Cowboy - Mitski. Log in to finish rating Twirligig.

Now let's get down to business. That Sydney's Jonti Danilewitz is a prodigious musician and an absolute technical wunderkind is not something that is actually up for debate. Skip to main content.

Cocoon Crush - Objekt. Stones Throw Genre s: Elsewhere it's a mixed bag of his old psych-trips Nightshift In Blue and affected instruments Twirligigand it inspires but doesn't stick.

No user score yet - Be the first to review! By the end of it, the creative highs have balanced out the tepid lows and all that's left is a plain old simple straight line. Socks - JD McPherson.

Stones Throw Release Date: By Metascore By user score. Chris - Christine and the Queens. As his recent spur-of-the-moment collab with Hogdy Beats Nagoya confirms, Jonti has the nous and the ears to shape the future of hip hop.

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