Shaddup your face

But to the ears of most people, whatever message Dolce intended has been lost beneath the winsome quirkiness of the rattling mandolins, hammy accent and cod-Italian posturing. Views Read Edit View history. Ten years of trying to make it in the music industry had got him nowhere. Dolce says that plenty of pap gets much more attention than his more recent, more substantial work. Life was not easy.

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Gotta no respect, whatta you think you do? By using this site, you agree to youf Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Joe Dolce and Ian McKenzie [1]. He messes around with a blues version of Shaddap, before moving on to a more recent work. Surely he has misgivings that Second Chance Idol will reduce him to a stereotype again?

yoyr South African Rock Lists. Dolce was born to an Italian-American family in Painesville, Ohio, his parents were part of the post-war generation who had tried to assimilate that immigrant identity within a picture of apple-pie Americana.

Ten years of trying to make it in the music industry had got him nowhere. As far as Shaddap is concerned, he now favours a version performed with a Vietnamese comic to shaddkp about the electoral success of Australia's racist One Nation party, and one part-sung in the Indjibundji language with Aboriginal musician and performer Gnarnayarrahe Waitairie.

You wonder if perhaps, in retrospect, he wished he had stayed in the wings. In Australia, people from southern Europe were figures of derision and suspicion, described routinely as "wogs" - a term of abuse still common.

This experience changed him dramatically. Is he signed to a record label at the moment?

It's a setting of a work by the Greek poet Constantine Cavafy, about a man living in a dull town, who escapes his humdrum life through sexual fantasy.

Despite the material benefits he still lives comfortably, mainly off the proceeds of Shaddap the role as the comedy Italian was eating away at him. Released in lateit set a number of sales and longevity records. Try hard, though, and shadduup can just discern the lines of a different sort of song far beneath the surface - one of those hard-bitten monologues of working-class life, like Memphis Willie B's Hard Working Man Blues.

Joe Dolce was invited to be the MC at both events. Things petered out, and facs trailing around the American music scene for the best part of a decade he came to Australia, following his wife, the modern dancer.

Festival artists were invited to perform their interpretations of the classic song. But while Bowie went mainstream with a timely hit about alienation, mysticism and space travel, Dolce's breakthrough was a song about an Italian kid having an argument with his mamma. However, his own position is complicated by the fact that he's still living off the pap of his own career. It was Australia's first triple platinum recording by shadxup old count ofunits equalling platinum status, which has since changed to 75, units, then 50, and finally 70, units.

In Britain it earned the ire of synth-poppers Ultravox when it kept their moody classic Vienna from the top spot; only in the US did it miss the top Most telling is his behaviour at an Australian awards ceremony soon after Shaddap took off.

Shaddup Your Face Lyrics

We referred to "Jacques Brel and the French chansonniers". This page was last shaddjp on 12 Decemberat He arrived with his father's ambition of getting an engineering degree and becoming an architect, but life took him in different direc tions.

You expect to find Joe Dolce, the singer of the best-forgotten hit Shaddap You Face, sat in front of an outsized plate of pasta getting slowly drunk on the last dregs of his pop wealth.

Later, he joined an early incarnation of the psychedelic blues band Headstone Circus. He has a particular interest in those who are misunderstood by their contemporaries. Having stalked off stage, he suddenly bounced back on as the goofy character from the song's video and performed a rousing version of the hit the audience had been waiting for.

Is there life after Shaddap You Face? | Music | The Guardian

It could be a lateral youur of getting some attention without going straight down the pipe, which I think is not possible any more. So it's little surprise that when Shaddap You Face began to take off, he held on for dear life. The purpose of the series will be to gather together a crew of one-hit wonders and give them a second bite of the apple.

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