Thu Aug 16, 7: Vending Machine 3 Automatic V. It was found by curious IncrediBots users, and is currently in a public beta stage. Thanks to the following users:

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The IncrediBots title screen. Fri Jan 04, incredbiots Feature Requests The reviewers are not accepting Feature Requests at the moment; however, you can peruse this forum to see previous requests and featured bots. General Team Discussion This is where teams can recruit new members, and teams can communicate with each other to set up challenges.

To play games on Kongregate, you must have Javascript enabled! The open source version has all the supporter features plus new ones for free.

Useful information will be added here as it becomes available. Wed Jun 15, 6: Find out what we've added to IncrediBotsand what we plan to add in the future.

We have reduced support for legacy browsers.

Credit to gulhss for walking mechanism. The game's relatively close incorporation into the forums allows moderators to view and remove the game's reported contents.

Updated Valve Gear and Tender Suspension Also, a new feature incredibotss been introduced called triggers so that when something touches a shape it triggers an action motor, sliding joint, etc. Donators are given extra features if requested, and those who achieve the 'Pink Star', the highest reward for donating a large sum, receive access to a hidden forum.

Sun Sleuth A Puzzle Game. Find documentation and support to get you started. It's taken me over nine months, but it's finally complete!

IncrediBots - Play IncrediBots 1

We suggest you install the latest version of one of these browsers: IncrediBots allows users to create accounts on the company's servers, in which prior to October players could store their 'sandbox creations' and high scores. Board index All times are UTC. Fly your helicopter to the landing pad. The original forums closed down, so a replacement forum was created. It was founded in to assist and inspire innovation in video game development and to recognize the best independent video game developers.

Other than teams, IncrediBots also has clubs. Its main feature is the ability to load shared or personal bots via a code given to the user when the bot is saved. User Challenges Create challenges for other IncrediBots players, or play challenges other players have made for you!

Have fun and how fast can you go.

When the player is done creating their robot, then they may click the 'Play' button, which initiates the simulation and allows the user to control their creation using the user-set joint activation keys. The forums also hold areas for users to assemble 'teams', closer groups of 12 players or less who collaborate on bot projects.

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Gaming Discussion Talk about your favourite incredibtos games, the latest releases, games in development etc. Introductions Introduce yourselves and let others know a little about you. Talk about your favourite video games, the latest releases, games in development etc.

Developer's Forum For help and discussion concerning developing Incredibots and games developed from Incredibots open-source. Please rate and comment!

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