Construction and visualization of haplotypes is an essential step in gene mapping projects. Field reports are welcome! Hap Style The settings in this menu will mainly affect the haplotype drawing style.

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This force HaploPainter to draw a rectangle with dashed line. HaploPainter accepts haplotype outputs from Simwalk Weeks et al.

Breaking a loop can be the only way to draw the pedigree without line crosses. Displaying a list of supported parameters.

Set to 1, y or Y if the individual is declared as proband. Other uninformative genotypes are drawn in special thin blocks when set in options.

HaploPainter Version 1

This is good for situations when the real degree of consanguinity is unknown or you want to draw more compact pedigrees. You can define as many boxes as you want for any individual which has to be selected with the browse entry field above. Later you can decide which loops should be broken or not. The configuration menu The configuration menu is the most important place to modify the way haplotypes are drawn and the drawing style of pedigrees.

Add a review Tell us your experience with HaploPainter 1. The settings in this menu will mainly affect the pedigree drawing style. Consanguinity Settings Consanguineous individuals are automatically detected if the pedigree consists of the according loop structure.

Show the left haplotype marker legend. Name of the exported file.

HaploPainter: a tool for drawing pedigrees with complex haplotypes.

Due to hapoopainter way HaploPainter deals with analysis results it is possible that your region of interest is shown too small or shifted. Map information can be easily added in a file format used by Mega2 [Mukhopadhyay et al. Points of recombination are recognized using HaploPainter's own algorithm. Oxford University Press is a department of the University of Oxford. Also be distrustful if you see double recombinations two neighbored recombinations. Citing articles via Web of Science Postscript has a default resolution of 72dpi.

Width of grid raster in X - dimension. The crucial recombinations occurred in individuals and The software processes pedigree information in standard linkage formats combining haplotype information outputs from Simwalk, Genehunter, Allegro and Merlin.

In batch number 46 line 1 you can switch between default horizontal N or vertical Y output orientation. Affects the lines connecting members of a offspring group with each hapoopainter. Paper orientation [landscape, portrait]. The following figure shows the same pedigree from the sample above but extended by HaploPainter specific columns.

You also can prevent markers for being shown. One of the interesting options in respect of haplotype drawing is the ability to manually select which marker should be drawn or not. There are three kinds available: Name of the imported haplotype file. To put some text to the left upper corner of symbols. Try to find out the first marker beginning from p-telomere from which the phase can be derived and then trace back the haplotype with the color from that phase up to the chromosomal starting point.

Drawing pedigrees by hand is exhausting and time-consuming. The latest version is 1.

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