Sienna skies truest of colours

JustinKing September 20th The guitars are just as worse, also sounding like they've been recorded through 5 watt practise amps. CameronLaD March 29th Rayvox December 13th Isn't as bad as Bloc likes to think.

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Eulogize June 1st The synths sound extremely cheap, as if the band used some freeware program on a PC to create the various synth pads and lines that consume the album. Isn't as bad as Bloc likes to think. CameronLaD March 29th Achantion May 28th Deuce September 23rd TheGooseTavern September 25th You have to be logged in to rate this album Login Create a Profile.

JustinKing September 20th And this band doesn't overuse breakdowns either, which is always a plus.

Sienna Skies – Truest of Colours on Spotify

Cplours April 28th The combination of metal and synths is probably more than enough information to tell you that Sienna Skies is nothing more than your average metalcore band.

TrstN01 August 12th Site Copyright Sputnikmusic. RemedyForLove September 13th Rumpelkombo June 29th I just have to say, Breathe is one of my favorite songs. I think it's the sheer amount of energy present that makes this album so enjoyable.

Gloczek June 5th TheGreatQ June 1st Tristan June 17th RosaParks July 18th If you want over-polished, over-produced, post-hardcore, go listen to Attack Attack!

SatelliteYears May 14th Hopefully as the band begins to grow, they will realize this and put less of an emphasis on them.

They've also stepped up the level of technicality from the EP, aided by the larger than life, but very unique production. Lordpanch February 17th Rayvox December 13th And of course, the riffs and choruses are as stale as ever.

ZoneOut December 11th This band has some great moments and I thought the overall production was sort of fitting for what the band was going for. Actually, it would make the record better. IceDoesntHelp January 24th And the vocals are great.

BlazeWilson May 4th However, Truest of Colours loses its points in production and overall sound.

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