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As a consequence a plot is hatched to get him and his members on a meaningless trip to Okinawa to sort out a peace-deal between waring factions and thus leaving his "patch" vulnerable to a take-over. Ritualistic gunplay, however, gives way to a seaside interlude of gangsters at the beach -- as a sudden switch transforms the approach from splatter action to arthouse film. Along with a few of his henchmen, he is sent by his boss to Okinawa to help end a gang war, supposedly to mediate between two warring clans.

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Kitano instead prefers to show the ugliness of their lives in contrast to the unlikely friendships takesho are the result leading up to an affecting and unforgettable climax.

He kills several people, including the boss of the Nakamatsu clan and one of Murakawa's men, in the middle of a frisbee match. Two disquieted junior baseball players seek revenge on the local yakuza for attacking their coach.

It is also interesting that these gangsters think nothing of their own lives or safety: Oct 17, Rating: The violence and the deadpan reactions to it are also great, Kitano may as well be making an anti John Woo film. With the exception of "Kids Return", all had performed poorly in Japan.

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Aaron Neuwirth Super Reviewer. Use the HTML below. Club summed the movie up as tajeshi fresh take on the age-old yakuza genre that's infused by odd flourishes of style and playfulness, and jarring outbursts of humor and violence. During that time they have very little to do other than play beach games, sing songs or play Russian Roulette in order to pass the time.

He used the image simply because the contrast of the "beautifully shaped" fish being speared seemed striking to him. She then joins Murakawa and the gang at the beach house, and comes frequently to visit, spending time with Murakawa. Every new Takeshi Kitano film I see is another step closer to me being convinced he's our greatest living director.

Quotes [ shooting at a Frisbee ] Aniki Murakawa: Murukawa's obvious suicidal tendencies established by a game of Russian roulette are juxtaposed throughout the film sontine his childlike sense of humour and his quietly caring nature, in this sense Murukawa is elevated against Kitano's similar earlier characters resulting in a deeper feeling of gravitas.

The Kids Are Alright. There's no way you can hit it!

Tonbo Zushi as Kitajima. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Takahashi is killed and Murakawa sets off with the only survivor of the group, a member of the Nakamatsu clan, who helps sonatinne by rigging the electricity in the hotel to go off at a certain time.

Sign in with Facebook Other Sign in options. He retreats ta,eshi a house on a remote beach to wait.

A violence prone police officer discovers that his colleague is trafficking drugs. In retrospect one can see within the film a vision of Beat's state of mind at the time. Praised by Sight and Sound "exquisite gangster film" and selected by Quentin Tarantino for distribution through his Rolling Thunder company. Excitements high after a rewatch of Battle Royale this morning led me to Netflix where I would check and see if Takeshi Kitano's filmography was there or not.

Bandai Visual CompanyShouchiku Co. Sonatine is the film where Beat Takeshi began to perfect his trademark style of laconic, offbeat characters embroiled within a world of violence that is streaked with his blackest of the black sense of humour.

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Crazy Credits At the end of the closing credits, various shots of the beach that were taken a year or so later, are takeshl. But he goes anyway. Feb 14, Rating: This film resurrected the yakusa genre? Instructed by his boss to settle a dispute in Okinawa, Murakawa soon finds himself caught in the middle of a yakuza gang war. Eventually Dionnet learned that the distributor didn't want to release the license because of its commercial failure in Japan.

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