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Each of the 11 pieces has a unique tone and projection, so, although the individual compositions work well by themselves, the hour-long album also functions to be engaging. One thing about the review, though: I didn't know of this, this makes me happy. While he may not be a Franz Liszt, Daisuke is fairly fluent in piano and its composition. I'm back from an unofficial week off, and we're on the home stretch of our Virgin Babylon Records feature with Kashiwa Daisuke's

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Program Music Iin its short life span, has had this effect on more persons than just I. It's a shame, because I grew up with piano lessons, and the sound of a piano by itself, to me, can be just as engaging as a 4-piece band or a piece orchestra.

Also, "it comes off a light". Kaehiwa is fairly affluent in piano and its composition he knows how a piano is made and that he is rich in piano?

I can even recount my very first experience with the album. Posted by Steve Jones at Dxisuke Favorite Things Newer Post Older Post Home. You have to be logged in to post a comment. Tweet Recent reviews by this author.

Scorpion of Red Eyes This is a nice little remaster of the original, even touching the composition of the title track a bit. The great thing about telling a story with just one instrument is that the interpretation can be limited only by the listener's imagination.

KASHIWA Daisuke proves that he is an incredibly talented musician in more genres that just the glitch-infused postrock he is best known for.

Review: Kashiwa Daisuke - 88 | Sputnikmusic

FromDaHood August 3rd Comments. If you like 88, you may also like: I say that not to imply that the record is boring, but rather that it is simultaneously full of drama and soothing to the ears. Not come across this guy before, what artists does he sound like? Tags alternative japan kashiwa daisuke tokyo virgin babylon Japan.

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Aids August 3rd Comments. Steve Jones wa Kashiwa Daisuke ga daisuki desu. He and Katsuhiko Maeda are kindred musical spirits in respect to their willingness to play and experiment with genres and sounds.

Stripping away everything that has made him who he is today, Kashiwa Daisuke creates one of his most charming, beautiful, and ultimately wonderful releases to date. Site Kaashiwa Sputnikmusic. I listened to some bits and pieces of this, and it seems pretty interesting. Tyrael August 3rd Comments. Truly standouts in an album full of worthy pieces. Purchasable with gift card.

Transform Ordinary Events Into Miracles. Sigh Heir to Despair. Despite these few missteps, 88 is filled with stellar tracks.

Outside of 888 more academic side of contemporary music, an album made of nothing but original solo piano pieces sans vocals is a rarity. Have yourself a pos. Lacking the more complex moods found in the original, it comes off a light and forgettable.

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