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This can optionally log several aspects of socket operation, including raw packets. Aug 7 , Read latest posts or hide this alert. It is being made available so that our advanced users can contribute to the development process by testing new features on a wide variety of systems and configurations.

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That's what happens when a developer decides to reinvent hot water.

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CPU usage under heavy throttling should be a bit lower now as the throttle now works under a single-pass algorithm as opposed to the previous multi-pass system which would need to repeat many times per cycle. There have also been several other minor improvements in other parts tidati the program.

First Time Users Remember, you can press F1 any time for context-sensitive help. This version introduces Decentralized Sharing Channels. We have experienced very good results in preliminary testing in both emulated and real-world network environments, under a wide array of loss, re-ordering, and delay conditions.

We have taken every possible precaution and have done several hundred hours of in-house tixafi on dozens of configurations, and don't expect any problems. However, fully agree with the post of "ianmacm", that the default color scheme is hard to see, so change it right away.

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Dec 4 Both the Windows and Linux event mechanisms are now mostly lock-free, which also eliminates many system calls. Incoming ports will be automatically mapped on an even wider range of broadband routers that support the UPNP specification.

Jul 4 It is being made available so that our advanced users can contribute to the development process by testing new features on a wide variety of systems and configurations. If you encounter any freezing for longer than a few seconds, check out the proc monitor click Home log text, then press ctrl-shift-2 and look for a particular category that is unusually high on the chart. A forced-check can also be initiated on individual files. This version contains several important performance upgrades and many other minor fixes and improvements.

Auto-Shutdown can now optionally wait for both downloads and seeds to complete. You're doing yourself a disservice if you don't at least try it.

We also have a Finding Content Guide for those who are new to torrents in general, and an Optimizing Tixati Guide for those who want to squeeze every last drop of speed out of their internet connection. Mar 28 Compatibility This version supports any 64 bit edition of: May 9 Apr 13 Both IPv4 and IPv6 tables now have multiple bootstrap nodes available for smooth entry into the network after fresh installation or if all cached nodes are lost.

Share on Track this topic Print this topic. These allow you to share, search, and chat with other users in purely decentralized channels that anyone can create.

Whenever Tixati transitions to tidati from fully-seeding state the default for the new state will be activated.

It's the best by Shodan May 29, Read all my 43 reviews. The task engine has also been made lock-free, eliminating thousands of system calls per task-cycle.

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Many GUI fixes have been made. Our implementation is fully compatible with other clients, but also contains many key improvements to provide vastly better congestion avoidance characteristics, better security, TCP friendliness, and much higher top speed. Aug 7 Further compatibility improvements have been made to Tixati's Universal Plug and Play functionality. Several other minor fixes have been made.

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This option is on by default but can be toggled in the Layout menu under the Files sub-menu. Sticking to uTorrent, even though I'm not a fan of the newer releases.

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