I want to store the idNum of the newly added record to visitNum. It will work and sign up will work again. Sign In Sign Up.

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Creating A board Forum aka BLog From Your Own Pc

If anyone could help with my problem I would be grateful. I input a phpde423, it will display "Sign Up Complete" but I don't see anything in the phpmyadmin database.

You may have some learning to do if the phpdevv423 of PHP is different than you are used to. I would wait a day or so before you do anything and see if anyone else has any comments. Thank you Matt phpdev I managed to get the simple assets working but am stuck with this one. Is there a big difference between the two?

Ugh, this is making me crazy! It will work and sign up will work again. The code first checks if the username inputted in the sign up exists in the database.

Register a new account. I've stripped the error functionality and js just for clarity. I have been using phpdev on windows XP.

Edited 7 Years Ago by diafol: I know some people setup virtual sites? First time I sign up, the record is successfully registered in the database.

Please choose another one" ; window. I already have 4 records in the database. pphpdev423

Is it possible to use the same version phpdev on Windows 7? Yes I have Apache set as a service and it usually starts automatically when I start my Pnpdev423 but for some reason it didn't tonight. I am trying to get this most comprehensive asset management software working with phpdev link at bottombut am only getting a blank page, my config page is at the bottom.

PHPDEV Trouble running or

And when I input the same username, it will recognize the username and it will prevent me from registering the record. I tried inputting a record in phpmyadmin manually.

Please help me guys. It took me 2 hours to figure it out. I inputted my 4th record manually. My problem is problem number 3. But when I look at the database, the record isn't there. It is hard for me to say as I have never used phpdev The real field in user table was userId not idNum.

P When I was working with twitter api, it took me whole night to figure out the stdclass object and echoing what I want to echo: If it does, it will ignore the sign up transaction and goes back to index.

Sign In Sign Up. After the first sign up, it won't work anymore. Gosh, I'm so dumb.

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