However, detecting and wiping out an inert, never-launched malware sample is not a real test of FixMeStick's prowess. Quite a few products I've tested, McAfee AntiVirus Plus among them, detected exactly the same set of files in the original collection and the modified collection. I love this product! You pay the shipping in that case, but you still get to keep the device.

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To be able to access their programs, I had to download all that information on a flash drive. Well, I took a chance on FixMeStick and let me tell you that it really does work. Compared to other anti-virus options, this device has its own Linux-based operating system and operates vixmestick your computer is sleeping.

The device managed to remove 57 threats. Viruses often perform some type of harmful activity on infected hosts, such as stealing hard disk space or CPU time, accessing private information, corrupting data, displaying political or humorous messages on the user's screen, spamming their contacts, logging their keystrokes, or even rendering the computer useless.

FixMeStick Reviews - What Is It?

But FixMeStick is not a registry cleaner because it won't clean your registry at all. I guess us old folks need my skills.

You can use these instructions on a PC that just won't boot to Windows, too.

I just fimxestick the FixMeStick. The Best Fitness Apps for The average scan time on my standard test system for current products running under Windows is about 45 minutes. I am 77 and retired for 15 years now, had polio as a kid, many accidents since, and along with old age, plenty of health problems, so I don't need the aggravation of bogus computer problems and the like.

FixMeStick - Wikipedia

I started a chat at the website with Laura and she set me up with a new one that's fixmesick the way. But don't ditch your existing antivirus; FixMeStick offers no real-time protection. I have AVG antivirus, so I think it does a good job of catching them and not allowing them to infect my computer.

New since my last review, FixMeStick cleans malware traces from the Registry as well as the file system.

It detected the same samples as before, but post-cleanup analysis revealed quite a lot left behind. Let's take a look at several real users' reviews left online. For Business log in Contact Us.

However, you definitely need to use it alongside a regular antivirus, one that will provide real-time protection against new infestations and more thorough cleanup of any existing problems. It takes only a minute to starts the program that works completely automatically.

There are loads of choices in this field, enough that we've identified five worthy of being called Editors' Choice. Page 1 of FixMeStick isn't a static product; every time you launch its software, it checks for product updates and malware signature updates.

Thank you Laura and FixMeStick. That's not to say it would have detected more samples had it run first, of course, just that it swept up considerable debris.


How is FixMeStick different from the competition? This all happens without any action by the user. The performance fixmsetick my computer has been completely restored.

For another view on the situation, I ran Malwarebytes 3. Further, if the stick seems to lock up, we typically recommend a factory upgrade of the stick.

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I use it once a month just to be safe. I had all kind of trouble when I started and now I have none.

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