Falta de respeto carla morrison

One thing leads to another And I come to you with my honey You are the owner of the best of me. You come and go. The same ones that show you such intense feeling. Aquellas que te demuestran este sentir. Log in to add a tag.

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That unreachable thing That makes of me A slight obsession with being able to satisfy you. You play with the tides that live inside me.

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Tus miradas agitan mi calma me hacen sentir que me quieres, eres un diamante brillante que luce a mi, cuando quiere. Respsto in now to tell us what you think this song means. You go far away, and then you return. Tu vienes y vas, me besas y luego te olvidas. How do I unattach myself from you?

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General Comment Thank you oliverseal for submitting these lyrics, I'm happy to see carlaa here. Aquellas que te demuestran este sentir. Log in now to add this track to your mixtape! Login with Google Error: Then you go off over there, and I don't hear from you Te alejas y luego regresas. No Replies Log in to reply.

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Falta de respeto- carla morrison on We Heart It

You kiss me, And then you forget about it. You're so modern that my caresses are already old-fashioned. What a lack of respect; You do with me whatever you want Because you know I'm waiting for you Because you know that you have me. We do not have any tags for Falta de Respeto lyrics. But you like the ones who reject you. Eres tan moderno que mis caricias ya son anticuadas. One day they will play the same dirty trick on you. It won't be revenge, just karma.

Why not add your own? If, when I give up, you come back to me. User does not exist.

There was an error. Si cuando me rindo vuelves a mi. Lyrics submitted by oliverseal.

Falta de respeto (English translation)

Juegas con las mareas que viven en mi. Pero a ti te gustan las que te rechazan. Then the morning comes, You disappear from me, from my bed. En mi a ter eran horada, vengan signos sera eso lo caela. Know something about this song or lyrics? If, when I give up, you come back to me?

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