Ninjump rooftops

Views 0 Shares 1 Comment. Amusingly, the latter game segues into the former: When it was Ninjump Dash, my cousins and my sister all competed against one another and it was hysterical how we tried to slow each other down.

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Just remember the roofftops guys when people start to notice your newfound wealth. Back when it was Ninjump Dash, players were able to compete online with friends and family.

We've also added in a cool new costume bonus for optionally devoting your valuable time to watching a short video pre-run, and fixed various other bugs. Kill three birds and a roc-sized sparrow will swoop down and carry you for a time.

NinJump Rooftops: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

With this update you'll It was disappointing to know that the game no longer had multiplayer because this game was honestly a LOT of fun. And then you can try and beat that record.

When it was Ninjump Dash, my cousins and my sister all competed against one another and it was hysterical how we tried to slow each other down. This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices. Download similar apps to NinJump Rooftops. Views 0 Shares 1 Comment.

NinJump Rooftops for Android - Download

What's new in version 1. Really enjoyed playing this game but got stuck on a few stages. Games Action NinJump Rooftops. But make sure you this — this endless rooftop racer is much deeper than you think.

Compatibility Requires iOS 8. Though not packed with new ideas, NinJump Rooftops is a solid endless-runner. For starters, it looks good.

NinJump Rooftops has been translated in 10 languages! Teen Titans GO Figure! It's your mission, should dooftops choose to accept it, my ninja friend.

Ninujmp 5k - 25k. The Chicken Powered Costume gives your ninja a 3rd bonus jump. It looks good, its controls are tight, and the option to kill three enemies and align yourself with a murder machine for a time keeps you from zoning out while you play.

Boost yourself farther towards your goal to becoming the greatest rooftop ninja of all time!

NinJump Rooftops

Whatever you do, just don't fall off the roof or let the baddies get you. Fly through the air on a zip wire. Kill three ninjas and you'll ride a flying ninja star across several rooftops. Drop them in NinDrop buckets to earn sweet prizes. That's a nerdy way our game designers describe something new for everyone - easier ropftops up for the novice ninja apprentice, harder fight sequences for you NinJump masters, and something awesome for everyone in between. Also after ads, the screen will no longer function and the app has to be restarted.

The Panda Costume isn't one of the new "Powered Costumes", but as every ninja knows, pandas are pretty awesome in their own right. Power Rangers Dino Charge. Eventually this game was deleted, but recently, I downloaded it back, hoping that we could compete again.

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