Mengharap cinta zarina

Semoga selamat pulang ke malaysia. At RM30 million payback, we could have sent more than students to study engineering in Russia but we chose space tourism. You are not only scientifically minded but artiscally minded. The family kept a secret from the rest of the world as it is a disgraceful act that this person has brought to the family, so no one really heard their side of the story.

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Muszahpari support all you do. Saya jugak rela tak pergi beraya sebab nak tengok dia dlm tv, apatah lgi siaran live dia. I miss waking up in the morning having my Koonaffa Naboolsiyye with a cup of mint tea.

And whilst we are conta the subject of language, how come Bahasa Melayu does not have a written form of language? One section was for Yuri. He got evryting yg di idam2 kn setiap wanita. Dan apa yg penting langkah Malaysia menghantar our 1st astronut merupakan langkah bijak dan amat perlu diteruskan utk angkasawan yg ke2 dan seterusnya. Tapi yang nak meluaskan pengetahuan sila lihat site berikut —.

Are you so very sure that you are truly a Malay? Sebentar tadi pada 2.

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Let it be feeding the poor or setting up a good health care system for older generations of Malaysians. The origin of the Latin American people aka The Hispanics are the result of inter-marriages of indigenous people and Arab slaves0.

That include a genetics experiment that will be carried out by eminent Menggharap geneticists, Oxford trained Assoc.

Selamat maju cinat kepada angkasawan pertama Malaysia. Nini… I agree with u… datuk nenek moyang and so on and so forth memangla arab…!

Get used to it. Because right now all I read is broken Malay and broken English, which makes me sad that obviously our educational system did not work.

He will be conducting a series of medical and bio-tech tests and research, on behalf of various Malaysian scientists in space. For more information on Tunisia, please visit http: Yes, I do especially for Friday prayers.

As for the Palestinian issue, it is documented that hundreds of thousands of Arab lives have been sacrificed to free Palestine from the Zionist Occupation but the sad reality is no Arab power can vanquish a power supported by the US through the Jewish Lobby.

Saya sangat gembira melihat Dr selamat kembali ke Bumi tanpa kecederaan.

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Look, at the map folks! Why does religion have to do with going to space? Now, I sympathise for the Chinese. Semoga sentiasa dilindungi Allah dan selamat pergi dan selamat kembali. Tahniah kerana menjadi angkasawan pertama Mfngharap Teruskan usaha anda menjayakan misi dalam membuat kajian perubatan di angkasa Saya berbangga apabila makanan tradisi Malaysia dapat di jamu di ISS. I tried looking for it early at SS18 or SS17 menharap they have closed.

Muzaffar berjaya dgn misinya ini. Thank You for your time. Physics is fun and interesting. I think the first in the world!!!!!!

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Sewaktu mendengarkan suara Dr Sheikh, saya sungguh bersyukur kehadrat Ilahi dan menitiskan air mata, inilah yang saya tunggu-tunggu selama ini agar anak-anak Malaysia bangun membuka mata mereka agar berfikiran luas tentang kebesaran Allah S. If the choice is mine, I would have sent Dr.

Semoga ia tidak berkubur sebagai sejarah tetapi biarlah ianya menjadi asas kita utk terus berdiri cintw di zaman yg perlu kita membuktikan siapa kita selepas 50 tahun merdeka.

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