Mano salwa drama

Her initial stories were published in monthly urdu digests and later came out in the form of books. Duniya kay bazaar mai Sheeraz nay apna zameer baicha tha It was published in episodic form in Khawateen Digest November November He practically gave away the control over his life in exchange for money and social status, one of the frightening consequences of having experienced extreme poverty and never wanting to leave room for any possibility of returning to that life, if once escaped. Woh Zia kay sath Eid k melay mai jaati aur sab say mehangay khilonay per haath rakhti.

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Duniya kay bazaar mai Sheeraz nay apna zameer baicha tha It is a story of the curses of poverty and the path of sin it leads to but at the same time it is also a portrayal of the strength of character with sawla one can steer away from this path to that of the purity of soul. This is drzma a heart wrenching story. Uss kay baad duniya nay ussay kha jana tha.

Dec 20, Fahad Naeem rated it it was sslwa Shelves: Hope you people will also like them. I cannot classify it as a good or a bad quality that all the characters and situations were representing various types of extremes while neglecting the grey areas.

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Halal always saves you, though apparently if it doesn't seem like happening. He was the eldest among his siblings in a family that had practically no bread earner. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Her initial stories were published in monthly urdu digests and later came out in the form of books. Woh baap kay paas woh sab kuch pehan kar aayi thi jo Frama kay "Rizq-e-Halal" say kharida gaya tha.

Ussay "zameer"k badlay "laakhon" milay This page was last edited on 15 Novemberat And the choice she finally made left her unhappy, dishonored and a subject of violence. Upon returning to Pakistan, Zainab happens to meet Sheraz once again, after years, and determined to take revenge this time she succeeds in getting him involved in a scandal. This novel is mank us that all acts of kindness,loyalty,respect,repentance are useless and their is no hope at all.

Dramma about the difference between halal and haram.

Man O Salwa (Disc 1) - Part 01 - video dailymotion

May 05, Shabana Mukhtar rated it really liked it Shelves: Ussay "haya" k badlay "karoron" milay Zia nay dil girafti say kaha. Zaini nay gardan utha kar baap ko dekha. Dec 31, Sidra rated it it was amazing. November 12, at 9: Umera Ahmed is one of the most widely-read and popular Urdu fiction novelist and screenplay writer of this era.

Man O Salwa (Disc 1) - Part 01

Peer-e-Kamil her previous work is a novel that is loved and adored by almost anyone and everyone who can get their hands on it. It was a very long and complicated story.

While Umera showed that Zainab and Shiraz fell prey to the curse of "Rizq-e-Haram", she maintained in the form of Karam Ali that it was not impossible to stay on the right path. Nov 16, Shabnam Saleem rated it it was amazing. Manna and Quail revolves around the blessings and influence of ethics and morals on people's lives.

Sep 20, Johar Latif rated it it was amazing.

To rate this book is a very difficult task and to tell whether it was good or bad is even harder. The spontaneity of a few lines, aalwa one or two places may make you smile, but that's all you get.

Umera Ahmed is a genius! Published by Ilm-o-Irfan first published November And determined, to take revenge, Zainab begins her life afresh. Excited about the project, which appears promising to Zainab, she leaves soon for Australia.

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