Kazizi ni kazizi

There are certain things convicts are allowed doing and this is not one of them. Katondo B Thanks for the update! Ukupoka inchinsenda kunkoko kunakilila.. Sunday vote PF Edgar I thank you 0.

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Katele Kalumba has also been a beneficially of such behaviour. Friday, January 4, Our tribal tactics are not working well.

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Mpombo you are a joke! If Katele and the guy who buries money Liato endorses hh its all butter and honey…oooh my foot. He could not have been more concise in his description of the happenings after the death of HE-CMS 0.

We miss you 0. When Kazizj read blogs on tribe, I wonder what those bloggers were done or harmed by those particular tribes they abhor with such vigour.

Mpombo is still experiencing jail hangover. Xiever Chungu who is a criminal is right behaving like that and has been for akzizi long time.

Zambia : George Mpombo endorses Edgar Lungu

Endorsement from a kazii thief! This man should not have any political affiliations at all. Mpombo please leave endorsements people who have influence. His new song follows in the like of his last hit and its one good dance song. Viva forward, for a better Zambia for all Zambians.

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Yep … Way to go. Because of my illness, i have now endorsed the candidate of HH. A dogwithout a tail is what you are 0. Otherwise, PF tribal propaganda will fail this time around. Naimwe ba PF continue with your spirit of confussion, By february you wont even rememer what hit you. Your candidate HH has been shown a red card by his own campaign team. Fourty eight hours ago you were a jailbird- lipantiti.

Forget the message and just dance to kszizi nice pathos laced dancehall Zambian jam produced by Red Linso. So that he campaigns for PF in Northwestern. Most, if not all of you are not even voters.

Your comment still needs to be edited…please pass on the oazizi to the Editor in chief at the Zambian Watchdog. PF sycophants are just a flea circus. You are on the wrong side of history, think again. These plunderers dine and make deals behind closed doors.

If your dealings are ok, it should be very hard to get a conviction. Mpombo and Bi were released with a mandate to campaign for PF. It is important to harness this group, as a way of rehabilitating them back Into society!

Ku Manda- Chiko wise.

Nimakwanisa Mampi Ft Jose Chamilion. If you are indeed expecting change, then you all need kazzii head examined. Any Zambian is free to rule Zambia,,,its not about tribe and thats what makes the PF so Zambian and very unique.

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