If you could be mine sara farizan

Mehdi, warns Sahar that she should not feel jealous of Nasrin, and hints that best friends should stick together through even bad marriages. Sep 08, Michelle Fluttering Butterflies rated it really liked it Shelves: I felt the pain and sadness that Sahar and Nasrin experienced not being able to love each other openly or live their lives as they desired. Follow Us on Facebook.

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The second being how convenient certain parts of this book felt.

Go to Advanced Search. I just wanted something more from the secondary main character. However, as a homosexual, you are condemned.

If you're interested in a book that deals with being LGBTQ in a country where it's illegal to have same sex sraa, this book is for you. I think Sara Farizan's an author I'd like to watch in the future to see more of her work, and "If You Could Be Mine" is a work that's worth perusing to see the ups and downs and identity issues of two girls who love each other in secret. If you are interested in a YA book set in a culture different from a Western viewpoint, I couldd picking this one up to see what you think about it!

Review: If You Could Be Mine by Sara Farizan

She gets carizan from her gay cousin, meets a transsexual friend, and comes to understand that the world she lives in doesn't accept her identity, though she has people who encourage her to remain true of who she is. Multiple times, I recalled a documentary called The Brandon Teena Story while reading and if you have no idea who Brandon Teena was, look sada up.

He will send Ali to meet them. This was rushed, unpolished, and with a few more rounds of revision, it could have gone into something really great. By clicking on "Submit" you agree that you have read and agree to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. So, they have to sneak in intimacy and private conversations whenever they can. Lists with This Book. If You Could Be Mine was a novel about forbidden love between girls, but the actual love was somehow missing - the protagonist and point-of-view character seemed constantly annoyed with her love interest, and the two of them barely talked, even about life-changing decisions.

Very, very angry that people have to live in places where they fear being jailed or even killed for who they are, and who they love. New York Times bestselling author Roni Coul returns sarz her emotional series about the survivors But I am digressing. The love she has for this girl burns so intensely that it was almost unbearable at times.

In fact, I learned about the status of transsexuals in Iran which gave me a serious, "wrinkle in the brain" moment. Eventually, Parveen makes an appointment for her sarra the doctor who performed her surgery.

If she was a man, she could marry Nasrin. Not so for those who live in countries like Iran where this story takes place. Mother and Daughter drive them home. I feel like the setting had so much untouched potential. The Mehdis decide that his family has enough money that he would be able to provide a good future for their daughter, so they agreed to his proposal. Actually, she quite loves her body and wants to be able to be loved as a woman by another woman, but she knows that in her society, that is just not possible.

Teens Sahar and Nasrin have loved each other since they were young girls, but homosexuality is a crime in Iran, and the two girls could be severely punished, even executed, for their romantic love for one another. Refresh and try again.

If You Could Be Mine Summary & Study Guide

Fatizan you still subscribe to the print magazine, please proceed to your profile page and check your subscriber number against a current magazine mailing label. Feeling both betrayed and determined, Sahar would do anything to keep Nasrin with her, beautiful Nasrin who makes Sahar feel more special and confident just by returning her affection.

Nasrin burns with confidence and a happy, perfect life is all planned out, but we come to see her facade for what it is. I struggled reading about all of the things that Sahar had to deal with and I did my best to prevent myself from crying while I read.

She wants to do everything she can to remain with Nasrin, even sacrifice the prospects of her future, even explore the possibility of changing her gender just to have more power, more say in her relationship with Nasrin.

Last week I was subbing in a Life Skills classroom that had 4 educational aides. The Iran revealed through the eyes of her teenaged characters is a place of oppression and great bs, but the Ayatollahs ge viewed as little more than cranky grandfathers.

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